Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 and she's still with us

Holly seems to be doing well, knock wood. She's eating the GD and chicken, and she loves to walk. We took her for a very long walk New Year's day. DH still doing the 200 ml of fluids each morning, and he gives her the pills.

so far, so good. Hopefully she will continue doing well. Love watching her run around the house and play with her toys!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Holly doing well, knock wood

Almost afraid to post this because I don't want to jinx her, but Holly is doing considerably well. DH continues to give her 200 ml of fluid sub q each morning at 5 a.m. She is eating well, GD mixed with chicken. I have a Ninja blender and blend the food together. Last night she ate rotissaire chicken wit the GD, a treat, and she ate it without the appetite stimulant.

Three weeks ago, or was it two, we had to take her to the ER again! Stomach pain, she yiped. I had forgotten on and off to give her meds, and her body wasn't processing the food. She was gassy. Plus she had eaten a whole quarter slice of watermelon.

$1400 later, which included an overnight stay in the hospital to give her fluids, and an argument with them about giving her a dewormer, which set her back in August!!!!!!! she came home. So far, so good and crossing our fingers. But the cost has seriously drained us this year. In the past four months we've spent about $3000 on Holly for ER visits and even a regular check up with the internal medicine vet. It's really pinched our pockets, but we have managed to pay it. It's the only reason I suspect she's still with us. We love this dog so much, both of us do. DH is crazy aobut her and formed a bond with her with doing her fluids each morning.

I wasn't certain back in August if she would even make it to December, so this is a gift, and each month she's still with us and perky and chasing toys is a gift. We had to remove "her" chair from the window to put up the Christmas tree, but she's still lively. Loves her walks. I was exhausted this weekend from our party and all the social activity, but she wanted to walk!

One day at a time.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, Sept. 17

I can't believe I haven't journaled in here in nearly a month. Holly is still hanging in there, doing OK. Some days are better than others. She's so freaking funny, that dog. Last night DH gave her a blueberry, she didn't want it so he put it in her mouth. We find sometimes that if you put food in her mouth, she'll chew it, like it and eat more.

She spit out the blueberry. Zing!

And before that she ran off with a piece of bread in her mouth. She likes to hide food.

She ate a lot of blueberries last night, though. Just a bit of turkey. But the other night she ate a bunch of the venison. Each day is different. One day she will like the cooked, boiled chicken, teh next she doesn't want it. Last night she wanted my dinner...grilled hamburgers. So I got the grease off one quarter of the burger and gave it to her.

She had to go to the ER again two Fridays ago... DH picked her up by the paws and she howled and bit him. Xrays and ultrasounds and an overnight stay, $800. But we found out nothing was seriously wrong...she has arthritis.

I'm hoping that she doesn't have to go back to the hospital until her check up late next month. I hope...

One day at a time.

She is back to lying on "her" chair now. I took it away after the ER visit, but put it back yesterday with lots of pillows around.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm almost afraid of jinxing it, but Holly has been doing exceptionally well, all things considered. She did NOT like being boarded at the animal hospital and when I got her into the car Monday afternoon, she howled and howled. would not calm down until I had her in my lap, petting her as I drove.

When she got into the house, she calmed down and then became her old self. We are not traveling any more this year. It's too tough to leave her there, though they take great care of her.

Anyway, today was a great day with Holly. She went for a short walk, and really had a good appetite at lunch with the stimulant, so much that she ate KD rolled up in ham slices. And then she was still hungry so DH fed her some GD in Cookie's bowl, and she ate that. I cooked chicken, boiled, and she ate that as well. We tried to feed her little portions throughout today.

Last night and the nigth before she really loved all the blueberries we gave her, she gobbled down about 25 each night. I hope this keeps up. We are doing our best with all the meds and fluids, and hopefully, she is more stable now and will continue to improve. One day at a time.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, Aug. 22, 2016

We made it past DH's birthday. Since we went away for three precious days to the west coast, we had to board Holly at the animal hospital. Our good friend pet sat Cookie at the house. I worked half a day since I could not pick her up until noon, and then went straight to the hospital. She's lost weight and she was very very agitated, excited but more agitated. I couldn't even keep her harness on, she lost so much weight. I got her into the car and she was howling. It was heart wrenching. I had to keep her in my lap, petting her as I drove as she finally calmed. When she got home, she was OK.

She even ate! Part of my fish sandwich (she hates fish) and a huge handful of roasted chicken.

Now she's snoozing on the spare bed as I write this. Her breathing is labored, as it has been lately when she lies down. Another reason I know the kidney failure is getting worse. I don't need the numbers they will give me from the bloodwork they did while she was at the animal hospital.

But she went for a walk, and she seems happy to be home, the best place for her. We are not traveling anymore this year, unless it's absolutely necessary. IT's too tough. We had a wonderful and much much needed relaxing time at the beach, getting up early and walking along the shore, and swimming in the Gulf. It was a little mini vacation we both needed.

When she was at the animal hospital, they told me she hated being caged. Duh. I could have told them that. I don't think they fed her much...not their fault... but they must have just tried and tried the KD. Dog is smart. Dog knows when the ham is hiding the KD.

One day at a time. We do all we can. It's all we can do.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Still Sunday, Aug. 14. V. frustrating

We came home from breakfast and shopping at Target to try to give Miss Holly her pills. DH got one down her throat. Then I decided to try the Nutracal. Lo and behold, she ate the pill with the Nutracal. A small success. I just cooked chicken, but I have no real hopes that she'll eat it. Cookie is getting fussy, too. I pray she doesn't have kidney failure as well. DH and I are both worn out from caring for Miss Holly, who gets pills 4 times a day, 5 if we give her the appetite stimulant, plus fluids, plus trying to get her to eat. We both love this dog so much.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not such a great day feeding wise yesterday on Saturday. She started off well enough - had a major poop on her walk. Didn't really want to walk, though. But she jumped into her chair a couple of times.

Lunchtime, meh. Ate only ham, the Boar's Head ham. No interest in anything else. So I gave her sweet peas and squash ... hard to get her to eat that. She is now fighting me.

We had friends coming over last night, so I cleaned teh house and then ran and got her meds from the animal hospital and then spent an hour at home depot tryingg to get teh flooring quote straigtened out. Did that and we are saving money - it's $324 for everything instead of almost $500.

We went to dinner and by the time we came home, it was almost 7:30 when our friends came over. Holly hadn't eaten yet. Big mistake. We spent the next 30 minutes trying to feed her. Our friends helped. Holly only wanted cheese and ham, and we force fed her pumpkin and carrots baby food. But she was really playing with us. The manager of the restaurant was nice enough to give us a free hamburger, so Holly ate only a littel of that. She took a piece and ran around the house with it as if it were a game! She had lots of energy last night.

No luck with teh renal food. Big disappointment. Not sure how they will get her to eat when she is boarded next week, but we need a break and our mini vaca for dh's birthday. The hospital is the best place for her in case she needs extra care. I just want her to stay with us for a few more weeks. She still has much quality of life.

It's been wearing, exhasuting, caring for these days the past month. Heartbreaking as well. One day at a time.