Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 Tuesday

Holly didn't eat much last night. She begged at the table for chicken, when we were having rotisserie chicken, her favorite. I mixed in a little with the new royal canin E food that is a supplement, and peas, but she picked out the chicken. fussy, fussy. So DH syringe fed her again. 

This morning she ate chicken with her pills, but before I left for work, she didn't want any of the new chicken I cooked. We'll see how she does at lunch with the pet sitter. It is so exhausting working with a dog that has a lagging appetite. Truly. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25

We had a lovely weekend at the dog hotel on Ft. Myers Beach, and I had a relaxing birthday. Dr. P's assistant called Thursday to ask if we wanted to cancel, I told her that I wanted to give Holly another day. I cancelled the appointment on Friday.

Holly continues to improve slightly. DH is still syringe feeding her the Royal Canin renal food T, but she eats it. He tried the Hills, but she spit that out. Yesterday, she ate from the plate a mixture of chicken from Rib City (dry), peas and some renal food for lunch. 

today for the pet sitter, she barely ate, but she is also exhausted. DH walked her almost a mile on the beach...she wanted to walk! She loves the different smells. 

the hotel was great for the dogs, though I would have preferred the room with the private porch so I could sit out there and write and the dogs could sit with me. This room had a table and chairs, but no private porch, so I had to tether them to the table. It worked out. 

some of my favorite activities were sitting on the porch, writing, Holly on the table with me. I enjoy writing in the morning with different scenery. The porch was nice, with lots of palm trees, and the Gulf nearby. I was quite productive.

Best times were taking the dogs to the beach for sunset, and spending time with DH where we weren't frantically trying to figure out what to feed Holly, or taking her back to the animal hospital. Just sitting and relaxing. We sorely needed that after 2 weeks of being frantic.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Doing better, April 21, 2017, Friday

She still would NOT eat last night, so DH filled a syringe with renal food and fed it to her gently. Two ounces. For lunch yesterday, all she ate was balony, greek yogurt, and a little renal cat food.

We drove to Ft. Myers, leaving the housesitter at the house, and Holly rode on my lap almost the whole time because she whined. She probably thought she was going back to CSAH. We left at 4 and got there around 6:30, went to eat at the Sanddollar bar (fajitas, yum!) and doggies settled down. Room 101 is nice, but I was real disappointed because I wanted the room with the enclosed porch on the second floor that we got last time. Doggies love being out there, and it's a good place for me to write. But this is OK, and the room is all tile so if there are messes, no problem. Shower is bigger, but no place to put your soap or shampoo. Huh?

Anyway, we walked to the beach last night just after sunset with them... I had Cookie in "her" bag. Holly walked on teh beach, very noisy. Very active.

This morning at 7 am when we got up, she was active. And hungry! She ate a couple of pieces of boiled chicken with her pills, first time she has done that in a while! We went to look for our fav. breakfast place but they are closed, probably because of the roadwork (what a mess). So we went to Publix, bought food for breakfast. Came back and while DH gave her fluids, I cooked eggs and Taylor ham. Holly ate a good portion of the butter croissant I had for breakfast.

Walked both dogs downstairs, they both had nice, normal poops, and then DH left around 10 to do his hobby shops. Doggies are out on the balcony with me as I write. I tied their leashes to the railings so they can't wander off. Cookie is fast asleep on teh pillow and Holly keeps looking through the railings at the scenery. This is a very decent dog friendly hotel, only one block from the beach.

Hopefully she will eat a good lunch. I will cancel the appt with Dr. P for Monday. Yes.....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 19,2017 Home from the hospital

All tests, the ultrasound, X-ray, were negative. No cancer, heart disease, not even gastritis. No inflamation of the lining of her tummy. BW was 1.8 for creatine, 48 for BUN. Liver enzymes were fine. Only thing was her pancreatic enzymes were elevated,so they did an pancreatic panel, that should be back today in case she has pancreatitis.

I dropped her off at 10, went to work by 11, then left work at 4 to meet DH at CSAH to pick her up. The ER vet was v. nice, told us she "may" have an aversion to dog food if you syringe feed her. No protein, either. But he agreed, yes, we HAVE to get the dog to eat.

She got a new anti nausea pill, Cerina? No more carafate. We got her home, went to dinner, and came home around 7:30 and tried to feed her. For an hour. NO dog food, not even after the appetite stimulant. Not the Royal Canin, not the Hills. Vet had admitted she would not eat it at the hospital, only a small handful of chicken.

So she ate some Greek yogurt, 5 blueberries, about 4 pieces of watermelon, about 6 pieces of feline reline food, and about a handful of turkey. Even after the appetite stimulant. V. frustrating. Hoping it will better today.

1 p.m. Pet sitter said she ate half a slice of turkey bologna and then another half slice with appetite stim at 11:15. All she would eat. Cookie pooped a little loose, soft stool with a little blood. So I ran home for lunch, which I'm not supposed to do because I'm supposed to get only a 1/2 hour for lunch. I boiled chicken, took the rice I had cooked the other day and added that to the new chicken and gave it to Cookie to soothe her intestines. She gets loose, bloody stool sometimes if her system is out of whack. She gobbled that down and would have had the whole damn plate. I believe the plain greek yogurt I gave her the past two days brought on some IBS. 

Holly...another story. I tried the new Hills KD with hard cheese, she wanted only the cheese. Mushed up chicken and Hills, no use.

I finally got her to eat less than 1/4 cup feline renal food, putting it one piece at a time on the chair, and then she ate, very cautiously, 1 piece of boiled chicken. No blueberries. I think the vet had a point about the aversion to food if you syringe feed her. I told Frank to try feeding her a little when he got home, no syringe feeding, and if she doesn't eat, no problem. 

5 p.m. He tried the boiled chicken I made at lunch and the turkey. No dice. 

I'm concerned she isn't eating more with this appetite stimulant, but I"m also easing off the ppl food, trying to get her to eat the prescription renal food. I wish she would eat more of the cat food. I don't give a damn if she starts meowing! So frustrated. We are leaving tomorrow for our mini vacat for my birthday. I don't want to spend all weekend trying to coax Holly into eating. I'm glad about the negative test results, but c'mon Holly, eat!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017, ultrasound and BW at the hospital

Last night we decided to bring her back to CSAH to get an ultrasound and finally get answers. She did eat some Greek yogurt last night, and a half slice of bologna, and DH shot watery GD, 3 ounces, down her throat.

She slept all night on our bed. No vomiting. No diarrhea. This a.m. at 8 I took her for a walk. Sorta normal poop, not the bright orange from yesterday, more brownish, smaller. Not watery. She had lagging energy on her walk, didn't even want to jump up on the stoop to go into the house. But then inside she jumped on her chair in the window. I showed her turkey, no interest in it.

I took off from work this a.m. and brought her in thru the ER. She had nothing to eat, and will have nothing to eat until after the u/s. The ER vet was very nice; he is working in tandem with Dr. P. They are doing more BW, liver panel, kidney panel, and then an ultrasound at 4 p.m. Also a heart X-ray. He wanted to do an echo, but i said it was too expensive...if she has early stages of heart failure, the x-ray will show fluid in the sac around the heart. We saw this with Dolce.

Holly did NOT want to be there. She wanted the door. I felt so bad for leaving her, but we need answers. It could be:

1. Liver disease (her breath really stinks)
2. Heart value failing/heart disease
3. Cancer

It will cost between $800 to $1200 for answers. Best case scenario is that the u/s and BW are normal. But I don't think so, not with her on again, off again energy and her refusing to eat.

We spent $900 last Monday, $320 on Friday as well at the ER. But this is how much we love this dog. It's heartbreaking. My birthday is on Sunday. I can't even think about it.

2 p.m. GREAT NEWS! Holly's BW came back, creatine 1.8 and BUN 43, very stable. No signs of liver disease. Ultrasound negative for any tumors, no signs of heart problems on Xray. Vet says they are trying diff. meds and new diet. She "may" have a touch of pancreatitis, those tests are back tomorrow. What a relief. 

Her levels of enzymes for the pancreas were 1700, normal is 1400. Pancreatitis panel comes back tomorrow. Vet doesn't think it's that. I asked him if withholding the omnesdtron would kick her appetite south. He said maybe. Frank accidentally withheld that at night instead of the metro pill after Dr. P wanted it discontinued at night. Hmmmm.

I asked him about watermelon giving her gas, he said no. Watermelon is ok as a treat.blueberries too.

I also asked if they could try to feed her. we'll see how she does. yay for holly!!!!!

He also said syringe feeding can cause a dog stress and to not want to eat. That also makes sense. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

This morning she woke me up at 12:30 a.m. to go outside. She pooped big, it was orangish, then she came inside to drink a little water. Went back on our bed and slept until DH got her up at 4:30 to go outside and give her fluids. Then amazingly enough, she wanted to eat! He fed her low salt turkey with her am pills, the prilosec, metachoprimide and ominestron. She really wanted to eat, and she gulped it down. A v. good sign.

At 8:30 I gave her the slurry. 20 minutes later, no interest in food...not the turkey, or the turkey bologna i just bought or the perdue chicken. So i syringe fed sweet potato BF and then she perked up and ran around with her toys and jumped in her chair when I left for work.

NOTE about the carafate slurry: I tried feeding her yesterday and today about 30 minutes and yesterday an hour after the slurry. NO interest in food. We think she won't eat after the slurry bc it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

I talked with the pet sitter and left instructions. Because Holly did eat turkey on her own this a.m. I am holding off on going to the ER to get her an ultrasound. We are cautiously hopeful that this is a severe attack of gastritis and the meds are starting to help.

Last attack in August was brought on by the deworming meds. I don't know what triggered this one if it is gastritis. But her renal numbers are good.

So today is a wait and see day, crossing our fingers she does eat more. It's been a very exhausting four days. I didn't get any work done. No writing, I'm really behind on Gideon's book and the new short story that is due June 1, plus I have AA's for NSP due next monday.

We both need a break. If Holly's appetite and spirits pick up today and continue to improve,I'll feel much better. She is scheduled for an appointment with Dr. P next Monday. We'll see.

12:30 p.m. It wasn't the slurry. Pet sitter tried to feed her everything, no dice. She walked her and she had orange diarhea 3x, loose and watery. Probably from the burger. She fed her the appetite stimuland at 11:30. So I rushed home, made rice, Holly ate a small piece of low salt turkey. I syringed the pumpkin/ginger supplement into her, about 1 teaspoon. Then I ground up rice and 3 slices of turkey bolonga. She ate about 1
/4 of a cup on her own, about 30 minutes after the appetite stimulant.

Encouraged that she did that. Did not eat from a plate, but had to hand feed. Still, she ate it on her own. Her energy seems good. Pet sitter said she went for her walk, was all excited, and jumped into her chair when she left. She greeted me at the door. So I don't know. We'll see tonight.

3 p.m. gave her the second dose of slurry

4 p.m. DH gave her a teaspoon of pumpkin by syringe.

6 p.m. DH walked her, she pooped twice. Bright orange but more solid than at noon. no interest in food. Except he put some plain Fage greek yogurt in her mouth and she ate it and wanted more. So I gave her the probiotic in the yogurt. She licked about a tablespoon from DH's fingers.

8 p.m. we returned from dinner out. She greeted us at the door, wagging her tail for the first time in a week, doing "sideways" doggie as she always does. She ate half a slice of turkey bolonga with her last pills (prilosec, meta, omni). Then DH syringe fed her 2 ounces GD dog food mixed with water that we had ground up into a slurry.

Then I cut up about 1.5 cubes of watermelon to feed to Cookie as a treat. Holly comes trotting over, investigating. First time she's done that in a week. She ate half the watermelon, and Cookie ate the other half. Encouraging!

She's dozing now. We are encouraged, but at this point, I'm still taking her into the ER to get an ultrasound.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Medical records

Looking over her records:

Nov. 17, 2016: ER: DH picked her up and she yelped and bit him. Gassy. Took her to the ER. Slight heart murmur found. Xrays revealed dialated stomach. Stable kidney disease. US done, showed small, mostly empty stomach. HOspitalized on IV fluids and GI meds, ate HIll's GD with chicken in teh hospital and did not vomit.

January 11, 2017: ER: I took her in for loose stool/diarhea as a precaution. She had been eating lots of blueberries. No interest in eating. Ate turkey night before.

March 22: regular internal vet visit. She did great, creatine was 2.0 and BUN was 80. No US.

April 6: Appetite started going way south. Until Monday she didn't need the appetite stimulant.
Friday: ate no kidney food, only a little chicken. Refused to eat.
Saturday April 8: plate of low phoso. kidney food I made. Ate a plate of that, then all she wanted at night was noodles I brougth back from the restaurant.
Sunday: Nothing except two slices of boar's head ham. 1/2 cup chicken at night.

April 10: ER visit with Dr. McLaughlin. She received a half bag fluids, then the carafate and prilosec. Ate three small meals of the KD when she got home.

April 11, Tuesday: ALUnch: would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down.Ate 1/4 cup roast beef with the KD. Threw up later that a.m. at 3:30

April 12, Wed. I really don't remember. I think she ate 9 small pieces of Perdue chicken for pet sitter.

Thursday April 13: 

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

Friday, April 14th: Two and a half slices of honey baked ham and force fed sweet potato baby food

Saturday, April 15th: One tablespoon lean ground beef, one watermelon cube, force fed sweet potator and she ate about 1 tablespoon new ginger and pumpkin dog digestive food.

AFter stimulant: One tablespoon lean ground beef, force fed sweet potato ginger digestive food. Two small pieces of ham. 

Sunday April 16th: Sweet potato baby food thru syringe, about 1 tablespoon. One slice balony on her own. at 11:32, an hour after the carafate, no interest in food. Zip. Fed her one tablespoon of the new fruit/ginger pumpkin dog supplement thru a syringe, then she ate two small pieces of ham. No interest in the ground beef I cooked this morning.