Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wed. July 19. Both sick

Terrific. This a.m. both Cookie and Holly had diarrhea. Holly had to go last night after she was on the bed with us... it was formed, but soft and I just knew. This a.m. she had to go again...partly green, but formed.

Cookie had to go a lot last night, so I cut back on her food and her chicken. Then this a.m. I took her outside and it was runny, and bloody.

I made them chicken and rice, which they ate a tablespoon. The pet sitter gave them more at lunch.

I am trying to narrow down the cause. They both ate GD and chicken as a topper yesterday... was the lunch chicken bad already? I made fresh chicken last night. I also gave Holly a whole grain cookie... and gave Cookie a small piece, really crumbs.

Then the other night July 17, Tuesday, I gave Holly 1 and a half apple slices and gave Cookie an entire slice. It might be the apple that screwed them both up.

So wait and see.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017

Always one day at a time with Holly, our wonder rescue. Since vacation, she's been doing well, but we have kept her on the appetite stimulant. She's been fussy on and off, so it's better to keep her on it. And walking is a challenge now that it is so freaking hot out. Summer in Florida.

yesterday we took her to the groomer, a really nice lady in the 'hood who grooms in her home. When she was finished (we went to eat dinner, Italian, while Holly was groomed), the groomer remarked Holly's eye was really red.

Another worry. So I start googling red eye in dog with renal failure. More worry. Went to bed, told myself that if her eye was still really red in the a.m., I would call CSAH and see about trying to get her in.

This morning, it looked back to normal. Thank you God!

She also had a kicking appetite last night. Fed her twice. That was good. Of course i overfed Cookie, who wanted more and now Cookie has a touch of the runs.

One day at a time. I'm going to my conference next week and hoping the dogs will be stable and OK so I can focus on the conference and not worry about them.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

Vacation was wonderful, pet sitter did great. I had cut up ALL the dogs meds and bagged everything. 7 hours of work! But worth it to make it easier on everyone, including me, so I could have peace of mind while we were away. The first day or two was a little rocky, and worried, and then it smoothed out.

Holly and Cookie did great. Pet sitter loved them.

Today Holly has a touch of diarhea. Not too bad yet, but she went twice before 8, which is not like her. She's been doing soooo well...eating, etc. It might have been teh apples, or a little yogurt, or the thumbnail size of turkey sausage I gave her yesterday after I walked her at Tradewinds while DH worked on the trains. He needed his brakes worked on, so I took Holly, picked him up and dropped him off at the train park and then walked her.

I gave her a little Pepto before we went to breakfast. Now he's walking her to see how she does. I don't want to give her chicken and rice if she's ok. Cookie had diarhea, major, last Saturday so I had to take her into the vet that was open sunday - Quiet Waters. $177, but much cheaper than CSAH, who would have told me to let it run its course. She got two shots and pills and now she is fine.

I hope Holly will be ok, too.

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12

Haven't written in here in a long time as I've been slammed with work and trying to get everything ready to go away this weekend. The pet/house sitter seems responsible, so that's good. We have trying to get Holly into a point where she will eat without syringe feeding. It was working until this weekend when she got fussy again. I had purchased two cases of the new Hills stew, chicken and beef, and she loved it. Now she is meh. I don't want to feed her ONLY the stew because it is high in fat.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wed May 17

She ate dinner last night! Yay! I mixed dog food with the turkey we cooked for dinner... turkey as a topper. She cleaned the plate. I degreased the turkey. Then later, she ate some more of Cookie's GD with a little yogurt. I gave her blueberries for dessert.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, Tuesday. I jinxed it

Last night she didn't want the Royal Canin. Wanted chicken and blueberries, but DH had to syringe feed her 2 ccs. Today at lunch she didn't want the renal food OR the chicken. Nicki managed to coax her into eating a little chicken. She said Holly is licking herself a lot. I don't know if this is a reaction to the Nextgard we gave her on Saturday because DH saw a flea on her or what.

So hard to know what to do!

She is drinking more water, too.


And today I started freaking out a little because we are leaving in a month and our neighbor still hasn't tried it out with Holly as far as fluids go. I realized we need a backup plan because we will be gone. So I called a few places and whoa, they are expensive. Most expensive is where we take her!


One day at a time.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Doing better, May 15

I don't want to jinx this, but she's doing better.

Last night I mixed in a little lean hamburger with her Royal Canin T food and she ate about 1/4 of a can! She was very hungry. No appetite stimulant.

I fed her only a few pieces of boiled chicken at lunch.

Today the pet sitter told me she ate one tablespoon of the royal canin food with chicken mixed in. She went for her walk and then ate some more chicken.

Dr. P adjusted her meds last Wednesday. Holly only gets the cerenia half tab every other day, and 1/4 of the prilosec only once a day. We are giving her the appetite stimulant about every other day.

We are hoping to get her to eat on her own entirely and get even better before we leave for S. Dakota and the pet sitter comes to stay at the house. It's one thing when you are with the dog and you can coax her into eating, etc, another to have someone else do it.

She also had about 10 blueberries last night. Go Holly!