Friday, August 12, 2016

A little hopeful Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

Yesterday morning was not a good day. She refused to take the meds, so I had to dissolve them into water and then half an hour she threw up an ungodly amount of yellow bile. I cried and cried.

But I managed to get her to eat a little Nutracal, and then half an hour later she ate a piece of turkey. I hand fed her a handful of turkey, and then some baby food (apples carrots pumpkin). V. encouraged.

At night, NO appetite stimulant. DH held off on giving her fluids. Instead, we ate turkey after my meeting for the creative circle and my friend KK came over for a glass of wine. Holly was begging, so I coaxed her into eating a handful of new baked turkey and the boiled turkey. And then we did the pumpkin in the new baby food dispensers.

And then the most encouraging thing... she wanted to beg as we were eating dessert and watching tV, so I fed her two cat kibble pieces. Thought maybe she would eat teh feline renal food...holy cow, she did! She ate about a half a cup! Ffrom the plate. She was really hungry! And then we gave her some watermelon as a treat.

V. Happy about that. So happy that when DH's work called him in at midnight, I almost wasn't po'ed. Almost.

This a.m. the mobile groomer showed up an hour early, at 9 a.m. So while Cookie was being bathed, I squirted Holly's meds down her throat and then walked her. She did not want to walk. But she pooped a little.

Then she got groomed. AFter, no interest in food. So I gave her a teaspoon of Nutracal, waited half an hour and she ate a handful of turkey, hand-fed, and then I squirted more apple carrot pumpkin baby food down her throat. Now she is resting.

Not sure what will happen next week when she is boarded. One day at a time.

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