Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8

Yesterday was not a good day. We could barely get her to walk, though once we did, she did have a nice, healthy poop. Yup we have been tracking her stool. That's what we do... after she had one that was pure black a week ago.

Could not get her to eat much, despite the appetite stimulant. At lunch, barely got her to eat watermelon and some honey baked ham with some pumpkin. So we gave her another pill. She ate a little more. At night Frank fed her four strips of Perdue chicken short cuts and more watermelon. She likes the watermelon.

He gave her 200 ml of fluids and she was restless all night, snoring when she lay down. She has breathing issues. This morning she was restless on the bed. I managed to get her to eat the pills with a little fried chicken. Then I took her outside and she did not want to walk at all. It is really humid out, too. I dragged her to the grass and she pooped, but only a little.

The desperate, horrid sinking sensation of trying to save something that is dying. Holly is in the end stages of renal failure. I just want three more good weeks with her. I do not want to face putting her down the week of Frank's birthday, which is next week. 

But after we came inside, she showed energy, and even jumped up in her chair. So, who knows?

I am leaving work this morning to go home to meet the pet sitter to show her how to do the appetite stimulant. Not that it will help. But we will do what we can and struggle on, thru the heartbreak. I am just trying to hold it together at work and not cry. I need a happy distraction. 

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