Monday, August 8, 2016

More roller coaster ups and downs

I clocked out for lunch and went home to meet the pet sitter. Holly was snoring on the pile of laundry, her fav. place to nap. She woke up, saw us and wagged her tail. Seemed quite animated. N. walked her and Holly pooped again. She still doesn't want to walk, but N will carry her and then she'll walk on the way back.

Then we tried to get her to eat. She ate about 1/2 cup of perdue chicken, honey baked ham and some watermelon. N. was encouraged. Mainly bc Holly looked so perky and alert. N said Holly looks better today than last week. N. also gave her the B12 shot, and asked for my help. She said lately when she holds her by the scruff at the back of the neck, the dog flinches. She is expecting pain. She also yelped when N. shot the meds into her mouth by holding the side of her jaw. Maybe she has an infection? N says its from grabbing the scruff...where she gets the sub Q fluids. That is what she thinks.

I know Holly hasn't shown any other signs of pain.

Maybe DH giving Holly only 100 ml of fluid this a.m. has made her less sluggish and more alert. Hard to tell. BUT N was encouraged to see her eat. She thinks Holly did well. She said this dog is not at death's door. You should have many more weeks with her.

I hope so. I hope so.

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