Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not such a great day feeding wise yesterday on Saturday. She started off well enough - had a major poop on her walk. Didn't really want to walk, though. But she jumped into her chair a couple of times.

Lunchtime, meh. Ate only ham, the Boar's Head ham. No interest in anything else. So I gave her sweet peas and squash ... hard to get her to eat that. She is now fighting me.

We had friends coming over last night, so I cleaned teh house and then ran and got her meds from the animal hospital and then spent an hour at home depot tryingg to get teh flooring quote straigtened out. Did that and we are saving money - it's $324 for everything instead of almost $500.

We went to dinner and by the time we came home, it was almost 7:30 when our friends came over. Holly hadn't eaten yet. Big mistake. We spent the next 30 minutes trying to feed her. Our friends helped. Holly only wanted cheese and ham, and we force fed her pumpkin and carrots baby food. But she was really playing with us. The manager of the restaurant was nice enough to give us a free hamburger, so Holly ate only a littel of that. She took a piece and ran around the house with it as if it were a game! She had lots of energy last night.

No luck with teh renal food. Big disappointment. Not sure how they will get her to eat when she is boarded next week, but we need a break and our mini vaca for dh's birthday. The hospital is the best place for her in case she needs extra care. I just want her to stay with us for a few more weeks. She still has much quality of life.

It's been wearing, exhasuting, caring for these days the past month. Heartbreaking as well. One day at a time.

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