Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm almost afraid of jinxing it, but Holly has been doing exceptionally well, all things considered. She did NOT like being boarded at the animal hospital and when I got her into the car Monday afternoon, she howled and howled. would not calm down until I had her in my lap, petting her as I drove.

When she got into the house, she calmed down and then became her old self. We are not traveling any more this year. It's too tough to leave her there, though they take great care of her.

Anyway, today was a great day with Holly. She went for a short walk, and really had a good appetite at lunch with the stimulant, so much that she ate KD rolled up in ham slices. And then she was still hungry so DH fed her some GD in Cookie's bowl, and she ate that. I cooked chicken, boiled, and she ate that as well. We tried to feed her little portions throughout today.

Last night and the nigth before she really loved all the blueberries we gave her, she gobbled down about 25 each night. I hope this keeps up. We are doing our best with all the meds and fluids, and hopefully, she is more stable now and will continue to improve. One day at a time.

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