Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, Sept. 17

I can't believe I haven't journaled in here in nearly a month. Holly is still hanging in there, doing OK. Some days are better than others. She's so freaking funny, that dog. Last night DH gave her a blueberry, she didn't want it so he put it in her mouth. We find sometimes that if you put food in her mouth, she'll chew it, like it and eat more.

She spit out the blueberry. Zing!

And before that she ran off with a piece of bread in her mouth. She likes to hide food.

She ate a lot of blueberries last night, though. Just a bit of turkey. But the other night she ate a bunch of the venison. Each day is different. One day she will like the cooked, boiled chicken, teh next she doesn't want it. Last night she wanted my dinner...grilled hamburgers. So I got the grease off one quarter of the burger and gave it to her.

She had to go to the ER again two Fridays ago... DH picked her up by the paws and she howled and bit him. Xrays and ultrasounds and an overnight stay, $800. But we found out nothing was seriously wrong...she has arthritis.

I'm hoping that she doesn't have to go back to the hospital until her check up late next month. I hope...

One day at a time.

She is back to lying on "her" chair now. I took it away after the ER visit, but put it back yesterday with lots of pillows around.