Saturday, November 4, 2017

Eye ulcer

Poor Holly has a bad corneal ulcer. We didn't even notice until Thursday. Yesterday took her to the eye vet. She's on four different eyedrops, two of which are six times a day.

 The schedule for eyedrops goes like this:
6 a.m. EDTA
6:05 a.m. Ofloxacin
8 a.m. EDTA
8:05: Ofloxacin
10 a.m. Atropine
10:05 a.m. Ketorolac
Noon: EDTA
12:05 p.m. Ofloxacin
2 p.m. EDTA
2:05 p.m. Ofloxacin
4 p.m. Atropine
4:05 p.m. Ketorolac
6 p.m. EDTA
6:05 p.m. Ofloxacin
9 p.m. EDTA
9:05 p.m. Ofloxacin

As you can read, it means eyedrops all day long. I was up at 4 a.m. with her because she was in pain, poor baby. She also has pain meds. I'm at home all weekend, writing, and watching her. Hopefully this aggressive treatment will work and she will avoid surgery. We'll know more when DH takes her back on Wed.

Surgery isn't an option. She'd have to have anesthesia, which is a no no with her renal failure. Sigh. Like a friend said, it's never easy with us.

But the aggressive treatment hopefully will help heal the ulcer. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

She's sick, again

Almost three weeks. Three lousy weeks. And now Holly has the runs again. It started at 6 a.m. when she had to go outside. I knew it.

It's been about every 2 hours now. I just fed her a little chicken and rice and gave her half the antibiotic she got 3 weeks ago. It's mixed in, or was this a.m. with some blood. I'm not alarmed at the blood bc that can mean an infection, thus the antibiotic.

I took her last week to teh vet at Quiet Waters to have a growth removed on her paw. He burned it off and then bandaged it and I went back Friday and then Saturday to have the bandage removed. She kept licking it, and she may have licked off some of the anti itch powder I put on it and that caused the diarrhea. I don't know. Or maybe it was the chicken wasn't cooked right. It could be anything.

So I'm in a wait and see mode. I'll let the antibiotic do its work and then later tonight, if she is still having the runs, give her the anti diarhea pill. No food.

This is killing me. It's a gorgeous day outside. I went to the beach with a good friend and we had breakfast. Walked on the beach, came home to run a few errands and then I was going to write. It's 2:14 now and I haven't written a single word because I've been cooking and caring for the dog.

I love this dog so much.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Finally both seem OK

I don't want to jinx it. They ate normal meals yesterday, including a mixture of green beans, dog food, yogurt and chicken all blended together.

Today on her walk with the pet sitter, Holly finally pooped after 2.5 days. Cookie has not yet. If she still has not by tomorrow, a little olive oil will do it.

I"m crossing my fingers that they are both going to be OK. It's been a week from hell with poor Holly with the runs and the vet visits.

I need a break. Everyone in our house needs a break!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Both are sick, oy

So yesterday Cookie started with the runs. The carpet was a huge mess. I took Holly into Quiet Waters, the vet gave her a shot of antbiotics and the anti diarrhea pills.

Holly was OK all day yesterday from 2:30 when I gave her the anti diarrhea pill. Fed her a tiny bit of chicken and two very small pieces of watermelon at night. She was hungry.

No other meds.

Cookie got a quarter tab of antibiotics she had from last time, and fed her chicken and rice ground up. She ate very little at night.

During the night, Cookie threw up on her pillow in the living room. And made a little pile in the living room. Holly woke us up at 1 a.m. gagging, but slept the rest of the night.

This a.m. Holly was perky, wanting her boiled chicken after fluids. DH walked her, she made a loose, but not liquid, stool.

He gave her 200 ml of her fluids and then gave her pills with a small handful of chicken. Cookie didn't want chicken. So he dissolved her tramadol into water and fed her that way. Then she drank a lot of water.

Then Holly threw up the chicken we had just given her. Great. That was around 8 a.m. We figure her stomach, being empty ALL day, could not take all that chicken at once.

So we fed the dogs a mixture of pumpkin and baby food. Immediately after, Cookie perked up, wanted chicken. I gave her one small piece.

Just now we gave both dogs about a tablespoon of pumpkin and baby food - carrots and apples from this a.m.


8:45: One tablespoon BF
10 a.m. One tablespoon BF
11 a.m. One teaspoon plain non fat Greek yogurt for Holly, who gobbled it down
Cookie got a teaspoon of baby food
Noon: ABout 1/4 cup boiled and shredded chicken for holly. about 1/4 cup cooked lean ground meat and boiled for Cookie. Two pieces of boiled chicken with their antbiotics.

12:30 p.m. About 1/4 cup boiled shredded chicken for Holly. 1/4 cup lean ground beef and some pieces of chicken for Cookie. Both ate. Cookie drank more water.

So far, so good. No vomiting. No diarrhea. But Holly is really hungry and she's scarfing on the floor again, like she did on Sunday. So I gave her a small piece of lean ground beef, ran under water, blotted with a paper towel. About the size of a quarter.

I have the kitchen timer on to let me know when 40 minutes has passed so I can try giving her something more.

Please God they both will be OK. No more vomiting or diarrhea.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Major diarrhea, hopefully calming down now

Holly has been sick all week. Wed., DH took her to CSAH er and they told him to give her immodium. Diarrhea panel negative for worms and giardia and infection. Huh.

Well, she ate a big plate of renal food and ground turkey that was boiled for 15 minutes and last night every two hours she had to go, all over the carpet. Poor baby.

I took her to a new vet Quiet Waters. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and a pill Aminopentamide (Centrine) if the diarrhea continued, and told me not to give her any more of her regular meds for today, and no food. 

Well, she went soon as she got home at 9:45 and then she went again while I was at breakfast with the girls (I was not cancelling, after the week i've had) and then she went again at 2 p.m. only it was a quarter sized green bile. That was it. I was hesitant to give her the Aminopentamide (Centrine) because I was afraid about her renal failure, but she could NOT go on like this. 

Gave her the immodium twice yesterday and it did nothing. Got so desperate during the night at 2 a.m. I gave her Pepto with more probiotic. 

So it's nearly 5 pm. now and after that 1/2 tab of Aminopentamide (Centrine), half the dose he said to give her (I wanted to be conservative), she seems OK for now. Almost 3 hours since she last went. I'm hoping/praying this does the trick. 

Cookie was also sick this a.m. probably from the chicken. I think the perdue chicken without the antbiotics might have contained something. I don't know. 

Anyway, I'm wiped after being up all night and they are wiped as well, so is DH from working all night and all day today.

The big test will be if she goes after eating. She had xrays August 11 and everything looked fine. Plus her BW was fine as well. I honestly don't know what caused this and it's scary. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Now Holly is sick

Like our pet sitter said today, I can't catch a break with these dogs.

Holly was doing fine until yesterday. sunday she was ravenous. I mean, I've never seen her that hungry. She ate all her food and scraped on the floor looking for more. I even fed her the renal failure cat food and she ate that. she also ate cookie's food - which I had put fish oil pill into it. It could have been that. Or the rotisserie chicken bits Frank gave her that were too greasy.

Yesterday in the am. she had a huge dump on the puppy pad. And then later, the runs started. Last night as well. She ate only a little chicken and rice last night. I gave her pepto. No use.

During the night she went at 1:30 a.m. and then again in the night and then at 4 p.m. Then at 9, before noon and at noon.

I am worried but trying to stay cool. It hopefully will resolve itself. I rushed home at lunch after the 1030 meeting finally ended and ran to publix and bought organic canned pumpkin. Niki poured some pumpkin down her throat while I opened her mouth.

Then she ate a little chicken. Nicki had tried to feed her chicken and rice, and didn't realize I had ground some up. She did eat a little boiled chicken. This a.m. she did NOT want chicken and Frank had to give her pills in Nutracal.

guess we will wait and see again. I really hope and pray this is not bc of the kidney failure getting worse or something that is serious.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cookie is home!

Great news. Neurologist at CSAH said Cookie shows no signs of a tumor because she was getting better yesterday during her stay at the hospital. She probably had a mini stroke. She came home last night, ate, and more or less, is herself. She's sleeping now. I am home all day working and plan to keep a close eye on her.

Holly sniffed her like crazy when she came into the house.

It's so wonderful to have her back with us, after fearing the worst and we'd have to put her to sleep. I honestly don't know how much time we'll have left with her, but this is a gift.

Her BW was all average, ALT liver elevated only slightly, chloesterol a little high but nothing significant.

She ate hill's GD food with chicken. No pain pill for her arthritis until last night.

We are worn out, but happy she is home.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cookie probably has a brain tumor

I have never taken for granted any of the precious moments I have with our beloved dogs. In the mornings when DH leaves for work, Holly sleeps on teh bed. And then Cookie, who is 14, turning 15 in October, would jump up begging to be lifted onto to the bed. I'd curl up with both of them and sleep for another hour or two before heading into the day job.

No more.

Tonight, everything "seemed" ok. Holly was begging like mad because DH made a turkey dinner. But something seemed "off" with Cookie. She was wandering around, and when I went into the bedroom to change into shorts, she followed me. Barked. I figured she was hungry since it was 7 p.m. (I got home at 6:30). She drank more water than normal. And then I had to put her in front of her food bowl to point out she had food. She ate with gusto and then walked over to the slider as if she wanted to go outside.

I took her onto the patio and she peed, and then walked around in circles.

I told DH there was something wrong. She went into the front living room and whined. He watched her. She was listng to the left.

We were sure she was having seizures or a stroke, so at 8:30 we rushed her to CSAH. Waited for an agonzing 20 minutes. All the while Cookie is in DH's arms, her head pressed against Frank. When he set her down, she walked as if drunk. She has really bad arthritis, but this was not Cookie.

At 10:30 the ER vet told us she suspects Cookie has a brain tumor, based on her behavior (the presentation) and her age. So to the tune of $2,000, we are leaving her overnight, letting them do blood work, xrays to rule out other stuff and see if cancer has spread. There is a neurology consult tomorrow, but not until the afternoon.

I'm sure that is what it is. DH is holding out hope it might be an infection, but I know it is a brain tumor - the way she is pressing her head against him as if it hurts.... I don't want her to suffer.

Because of Hurricane Irma and the stress of that storm, I had wnated to throw a party next month. Something to celebrate life. I hit on the idea of throwing at 15th birthday party for Cookie  - on the day of our anniversary - our 22nd. Not anymore.

I am certain that tomorrow we will have to make that anguishing and difficult decision to have her cross the rainbow bridge. Cookie will be gone. No more barking at me when she's hungry. Rolling on teh floor playfully. Barking at me when I go outside and she sees my shadow. Scampering to the dinner bowl. Or walking her in the stroller. I wish I had walked her one last time. But she had the beach in August - and a long walk in that stroller in teh sunshine.

Getting old sucks. Losing ones you love - beloved members of teh family sucks more. I have suffereed so many damn losses over the years. I told DH tonight I wish I was a cold-hearted uncaring bitch because then I would not love and it would not hurt so much to lose the ones I love.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time away, but Cookie was sick

Had a wonderful time away with the doggies at Ft. Myers Beach last weekend. Both did great. DH took Holly for a mile long walk (almost) each morning and I walked Cookie in the stroller. Holly is doing well so far, cross fingers.

But yesterday, Friday, while I was home, Cookie had major diarrhea, with blood. So I took her to the vet around the corner, who gave her dewormer in case, and antibiotics. I suspect she had the runs because I overfed her. It's really tough...she barks at me bc she is hungry and I feed her and then...bleech.

This a.m. she seems fine. Had a normal bowel movement outside. Thank God that Holly hasn't been affected.... she ate up a storm yesterday and the day before.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Home again, yay

She's doing much better today. Xrays were all normal, compared to last times she's had them (one reason I wanted to take her to CSAH). BW fine, except bilruhin slightly elevated, but we figure it was the big amount of bile in her system to try to digest the big amount of food, and maybe the chicken I had fed her went bad.

Her creatine was 1.4 and BUN was 53, pretty low, esp. since she had no fluids until last night!

She ate a little bit last night, no tummy pain. We also gave  her baby food pumpkin to help her tummy. And she kept beleching, so I gave her a 1/4 tab of Gas X like the vet recommended. She slept thru the night.

She had a mixed poop this a.m. when DH walked her - a little orangish, probably from the pumpkin. REally wanted her chicken with her pills this a.m. which is great. And so I fed her about a palm ful of food (chicken and pasta with dog food, but she ate only the pasta and chicken) around 11, and then again around 1 p.m.

Four meals today is the key. She also got an appetite stimulant.

So hopefully she will get back to "normal."

Friday, August 11, 2017

Back in the ER, August 11, 2017

She had been doing so well. So well. Next weekend is DH's birthday and guess what? Bam, back at the ER again. She got a bath last night and we fed her around 8 p.m. She was running around, and really hungry. Gobbled down all her food, a huge plate of GD mixed with the beef stew and some boiled chicken.

We went to bed around 11, she slept on our bed. At 3 a.m. i woke up to use the bathroom. My bladder was bursting, I was even having a dream that I was trying to find a bathroom. She was sitting up in bed. I put her on the ground and she whined a little and then I picked her up and she yelped loud.


Anyway, I took her to CSAH. I gave her 10 mg of pepcid this a.m. wtih nutracal, and frank fed her the metacloprimide with nutracal. He tried a little chicken and she wanted that.

They ran BW (the ER vet works with Dr. Perez, she's really nice) and her BW is all great. Even her creatnine was 1.4 and her BUN was 53, and she didn't have fluids this morning. One liver enzyme was slightly elevated, but nothing alarming and her pancreatic enzymes were normal. So that was good news. She is going to do an xray and call me back around 12:30.

She did say that she was able to touch her stomach more without her yelping, but she would yelp now and then so it wasn't consistent. I don't want to jinx it, but I suspect because we fed her all that food last night, it sat on her stomach all night. Maybe giving her the metacloprimide at 6 and feeding her later isn't good. It's better to give the pill AFTER feeding her? We'll see if the xrays turn up anything.

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017

I'm always afraid to say she is doing OK because I may jinx it. She is, though. But the past two days she's had some loose, greenish poop. This a.m. she had to go outside and make,which is NOT like her. And she sniffed around, as if she wanted to eat grass. So I gave her half of Cookies pepcid with chicken. She did poop on the puppy pad again, the pet sitter told me, but after that, nothing.

I am thinking it "might" be the dog cookie I gave her the other night. Last night i gave her a little lamb from my sandwich. I need to limit her protein intake. Her system is so damn delicate.

Soon we head for the west coast for a couple of days. The doggies hate the ride over, and whine, but once we get there, they settle in fine. Holly loves the beach! Long walks, sniffing at the sand. Too hot to have her out during the middle of the day, though.

I need this little break. Hoping that both doggies will be fine for a while. No more vet visits. Fingers crossed and prayers!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Both OK now

I took both Cookie and Holly to the vet Thursday. Blood tests came back mainly normal, for them. Holly's creatine was 1.8, which isn't bad, even with fluids. Vet worries Cookie's BW shows signs of parasites. Hmmmm.

But they both are better now. Holly is eating well, Cookie is, too. No more vomiting from Holly or diarrhea from either. Whew. DH walked Holly this a.m. before he had to go to work. Normal poop. Something only a dog lover with a sick dog can be happy to see!

Cookie is now on a probiotic, which should help. Holly went to the eye MD yesterday and got eyedrops for her eye condition. Have to wait until Monday to find out if she can get the topical eye drop with the steroid.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wed. July 19. Both sick

Terrific. This a.m. both Cookie and Holly had diarrhea. Holly had to go last night after she was on the bed with us... it was formed, but soft and I just knew. This a.m. she had to go again...partly green, but formed.

Cookie had to go a lot last night, so I cut back on her food and her chicken. Then this a.m. I took her outside and it was runny, and bloody.

I made them chicken and rice, which they ate a tablespoon. The pet sitter gave them more at lunch.

I am trying to narrow down the cause. They both ate GD and chicken as a topper yesterday... was the lunch chicken bad already? I made fresh chicken last night. I also gave Holly a whole grain cookie... and gave Cookie a small piece, really crumbs.

Then the other night July 17, Tuesday, I gave Holly 1 and a half apple slices and gave Cookie an entire slice. It might be the apple that screwed them both up.

So wait and see.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017

Always one day at a time with Holly, our wonder rescue. Since vacation, she's been doing well, but we have kept her on the appetite stimulant. She's been fussy on and off, so it's better to keep her on it. And walking is a challenge now that it is so freaking hot out. Summer in Florida.

yesterday we took her to the groomer, a really nice lady in the 'hood who grooms in her home. When she was finished (we went to eat dinner, Italian, while Holly was groomed), the groomer remarked Holly's eye was really red.

Another worry. So I start googling red eye in dog with renal failure. More worry. Went to bed, told myself that if her eye was still really red in the a.m., I would call CSAH and see about trying to get her in.

This morning, it looked back to normal. Thank you God!

She also had a kicking appetite last night. Fed her twice. That was good. Of course i overfed Cookie, who wanted more and now Cookie has a touch of the runs.

One day at a time. I'm going to my conference next week and hoping the dogs will be stable and OK so I can focus on the conference and not worry about them.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

Vacation was wonderful, pet sitter did great. I had cut up ALL the dogs meds and bagged everything. 7 hours of work! But worth it to make it easier on everyone, including me, so I could have peace of mind while we were away. The first day or two was a little rocky, and worried, and then it smoothed out.

Holly and Cookie did great. Pet sitter loved them.

Today Holly has a touch of diarhea. Not too bad yet, but she went twice before 8, which is not like her. She's been doing soooo well...eating, etc. It might have been teh apples, or a little yogurt, or the thumbnail size of turkey sausage I gave her yesterday after I walked her at Tradewinds while DH worked on the trains. He needed his brakes worked on, so I took Holly, picked him up and dropped him off at the train park and then walked her.

I gave her a little Pepto before we went to breakfast. Now he's walking her to see how she does. I don't want to give her chicken and rice if she's ok. Cookie had diarhea, major, last Saturday so I had to take her into the vet that was open sunday - Quiet Waters. $177, but much cheaper than CSAH, who would have told me to let it run its course. She got two shots and pills and now she is fine.

I hope Holly will be ok, too.

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12

Haven't written in here in a long time as I've been slammed with work and trying to get everything ready to go away this weekend. The pet/house sitter seems responsible, so that's good. We have trying to get Holly into a point where she will eat without syringe feeding. It was working until this weekend when she got fussy again. I had purchased two cases of the new Hills stew, chicken and beef, and she loved it. Now she is meh. I don't want to feed her ONLY the stew because it is high in fat.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wed May 17

She ate dinner last night! Yay! I mixed dog food with the turkey we cooked for dinner... turkey as a topper. She cleaned the plate. I degreased the turkey. Then later, she ate some more of Cookie's GD with a little yogurt. I gave her blueberries for dessert.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, Tuesday. I jinxed it

Last night she didn't want the Royal Canin. Wanted chicken and blueberries, but DH had to syringe feed her 2 ccs. Today at lunch she didn't want the renal food OR the chicken. Nicki managed to coax her into eating a little chicken. She said Holly is licking herself a lot. I don't know if this is a reaction to the Nextgard we gave her on Saturday because DH saw a flea on her or what.

So hard to know what to do!

She is drinking more water, too.


And today I started freaking out a little because we are leaving in a month and our neighbor still hasn't tried it out with Holly as far as fluids go. I realized we need a backup plan because we will be gone. So I called a few places and whoa, they are expensive. Most expensive is where we take her!


One day at a time.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Doing better, May 15

I don't want to jinx this, but she's doing better.

Last night I mixed in a little lean hamburger with her Royal Canin T food and she ate about 1/4 of a can! She was very hungry. No appetite stimulant.

I fed her only a few pieces of boiled chicken at lunch.

Today the pet sitter told me she ate one tablespoon of the royal canin food with chicken mixed in. She went for her walk and then ate some more chicken.

Dr. P adjusted her meds last Wednesday. Holly only gets the cerenia half tab every other day, and 1/4 of the prilosec only once a day. We are giving her the appetite stimulant about every other day.

We are hoping to get her to eat on her own entirely and get even better before we leave for S. Dakota and the pet sitter comes to stay at the house. It's one thing when you are with the dog and you can coax her into eating, etc, another to have someone else do it.

She also had about 10 blueberries last night. Go Holly!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sat, May 6

Holly ate OK last night with an appetite stimulant. Still had to syringe feed her, but at lunch our pet sitter said she ate chicken and some cat food.

Today, nada. Not even chicken for her pills. She ate a lot of green peas last night and today in her stool, I found some. I think she may have trouble digesting them and they sit in her tummy, which may be why she's meh today.

She still jumped into the window, wanted to walk. But no interest in food. I gave her a tiny piece of ham, which she ate, and then a tiny piece of my chicken from the Italian restaurant, which she liked. that was a relief, but wow, I am so concerned and trying to chill. My brother is here visiting and I'm enjoying his company, but I am so worried about the dog.

I gave her an appetite stiulant an hour ago, after we gave her pumpkin and carrots baby food, again, for the second time today. Not sure if teh pumpkin is going to do the trick this time.

sigh... it's heartbreaking. You are so happy when she eats and she is doing well, but when she doesn't eat and doesn't feel well, you just want to cry.

Wed, May 10

Dr. P changed up Holly's meds a little. She has the half tab of Cerenia every other day, and she's slowly weaning off the prilosec. Last night Holly ate chicken with gusto, and finally after the appetite stimulant, ate the renal food. Encouraging.

Pet sitter said she ate lots of chicken at lunch. We'll try the renal food tonight. One day at a time. My bro was here this weekend. Saturday was real tough with Holly. She didn't want to eat anything at lunch or breakfast. Finally syringe fed her later.

Ups and downs.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today isn't so great May 3

Roller coaster again with her. Last night she started to eat a little of the renal food mixed with the ground chicken I had just boiled, and stopped. DH syringe fed 2 ccs of renal food (Royal Canin) into her. Then she ate yogurt and a bunch of peas on her own.

She hasn't had the appetite stimulant since Sat., I believe.

This a.m. she was fine, ate chicken with her pills, hungry. That was 5 a.m. Then today at lunch for the pet sitter, nada. Not even chicken. She walked fine, peed and pooped and jumped into the window, but refused all food.

I rushed home for lunch, tried to coax her into eating. Nothing. She was meh. Not even blowing in her face would animate her. Worried. So I syringed pumpkin baby food down her, a little, and she belched. Maybe an upset stomach.

So hard to gauge all this. All we can do is our best. We don't know how much longer she has, but does any pet owner with a dog with an incurable disease? So heartbreaking when they are doing poorly, and when they are feeling good and eating, a cause for joy.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Finally ate dinner on her own

Last night, Sunday, I fed her a mixture of chopped chicken, the Royal Canin Tasty renal food, and green peas. Put it on a plate and she ate it! First time DH didn't have to use the syringe to get the renal food down her. She didn't eat much, maybe 1/2 a cup, but it was enough.

Staved off the greek yogurt as well. It gave Cookie a bit of bloody stool because I gave her too much. Cookie has such a delicate system. She was fine yesterday.

Holly's energy continues to be good. She jumps into her chair and last night did "sideways doggy" when we came home. Runs after her toys at times. Sleeps on our bed all night. Cookie is sleeping more and more, but she is 14 going on 15. Still loves to eat, and snuggle in the morning after DH goes to work.

Each day with fairly good health with them is a gift.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

She's doing better

She ate only 5 pieces of chicken for lunch yesterday, but last night DH gave her the appetite stimulant, after she had not had it for 5 days. We offered a sampling of renal food - the cat food, the E and the T from Royal Canin. She ate it all, so we fed her the T food. She ate off the plate for a few minutes, then lost interest and DH syringe fed her about 1.5 ounces. She ate quite a bit!

This morning she had chicken with her pills. I walked her a long time, and she had about 6 pieces of small chicken for lunch. Plan on feeding her at dinner, when she eats better. Hopefully, she will eat from the plate and eat the renal food.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 Tuesday

Holly didn't eat much last night. She begged at the table for chicken, when we were having rotisserie chicken, her favorite. I mixed in a little with the new royal canin E food that is a supplement, and peas, but she picked out the chicken. fussy, fussy. So DH syringe fed her again. 

This morning she ate chicken with her pills, but before I left for work, she didn't want any of the new chicken I cooked. We'll see how she does at lunch with the pet sitter. It is so exhausting working with a dog that has a lagging appetite. Truly. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25

We had a lovely weekend at the dog hotel on Ft. Myers Beach, and I had a relaxing birthday. Dr. P's assistant called Thursday to ask if we wanted to cancel, I told her that I wanted to give Holly another day. I cancelled the appointment on Friday.

Holly continues to improve slightly. DH is still syringe feeding her the Royal Canin renal food T, but she eats it. He tried the Hills, but she spit that out. Yesterday, she ate from the plate a mixture of chicken from Rib City (dry), peas and some renal food for lunch. 

today for the pet sitter, she barely ate, but she is also exhausted. DH walked her almost a mile on the beach...she wanted to walk! She loves the different smells. 

the hotel was great for the dogs, though I would have preferred the room with the private porch so I could sit out there and write and the dogs could sit with me. This room had a table and chairs, but no private porch, so I had to tether them to the table. It worked out. 

some of my favorite activities were sitting on the porch, writing, Holly on the table with me. I enjoy writing in the morning with different scenery. The porch was nice, with lots of palm trees, and the Gulf nearby. I was quite productive.

Best times were taking the dogs to the beach for sunset, and spending time with DH where we weren't frantically trying to figure out what to feed Holly, or taking her back to the animal hospital. Just sitting and relaxing. We sorely needed that after 2 weeks of being frantic.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Doing better, April 21, 2017, Friday

She still would NOT eat last night, so DH filled a syringe with renal food and fed it to her gently. Two ounces. For lunch yesterday, all she ate was balony, greek yogurt, and a little renal cat food.

We drove to Ft. Myers, leaving the housesitter at the house, and Holly rode on my lap almost the whole time because she whined. She probably thought she was going back to CSAH. We left at 4 and got there around 6:30, went to eat at the Sanddollar bar (fajitas, yum!) and doggies settled down. Room 101 is nice, but I was real disappointed because I wanted the room with the enclosed porch on the second floor that we got last time. Doggies love being out there, and it's a good place for me to write. But this is OK, and the room is all tile so if there are messes, no problem. Shower is bigger, but no place to put your soap or shampoo. Huh?

Anyway, we walked to the beach last night just after sunset with them... I had Cookie in "her" bag. Holly walked on teh beach, very noisy. Very active.

This morning at 7 am when we got up, she was active. And hungry! She ate a couple of pieces of boiled chicken with her pills, first time she has done that in a while! We went to look for our fav. breakfast place but they are closed, probably because of the roadwork (what a mess). So we went to Publix, bought food for breakfast. Came back and while DH gave her fluids, I cooked eggs and Taylor ham. Holly ate a good portion of the butter croissant I had for breakfast.

Walked both dogs downstairs, they both had nice, normal poops, and then DH left around 10 to do his hobby shops. Doggies are out on the balcony with me as I write. I tied their leashes to the railings so they can't wander off. Cookie is fast asleep on teh pillow and Holly keeps looking through the railings at the scenery. This is a very decent dog friendly hotel, only one block from the beach.

Hopefully she will eat a good lunch. I will cancel the appt with Dr. P for Monday. Yes.....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 19,2017 Home from the hospital

All tests, the ultrasound, X-ray, were negative. No cancer, heart disease, not even gastritis. No inflamation of the lining of her tummy. BW was 1.8 for creatine, 48 for BUN. Liver enzymes were fine. Only thing was her pancreatic enzymes were elevated,so they did an pancreatic panel, that should be back today in case she has pancreatitis.

I dropped her off at 10, went to work by 11, then left work at 4 to meet DH at CSAH to pick her up. The ER vet was v. nice, told us she "may" have an aversion to dog food if you syringe feed her. No protein, either. But he agreed, yes, we HAVE to get the dog to eat.

She got a new anti nausea pill, Cerina? No more carafate. We got her home, went to dinner, and came home around 7:30 and tried to feed her. For an hour. NO dog food, not even after the appetite stimulant. Not the Royal Canin, not the Hills. Vet had admitted she would not eat it at the hospital, only a small handful of chicken.

So she ate some Greek yogurt, 5 blueberries, about 4 pieces of watermelon, about 6 pieces of feline reline food, and about a handful of turkey. Even after the appetite stimulant. V. frustrating. Hoping it will better today.

1 p.m. Pet sitter said she ate half a slice of turkey bologna and then another half slice with appetite stim at 11:15. All she would eat. Cookie pooped a little loose, soft stool with a little blood. So I ran home for lunch, which I'm not supposed to do because I'm supposed to get only a 1/2 hour for lunch. I boiled chicken, took the rice I had cooked the other day and added that to the new chicken and gave it to Cookie to soothe her intestines. She gets loose, bloody stool sometimes if her system is out of whack. She gobbled that down and would have had the whole damn plate. I believe the plain greek yogurt I gave her the past two days brought on some IBS. 

Holly...another story. I tried the new Hills KD with hard cheese, she wanted only the cheese. Mushed up chicken and Hills, no use.

I finally got her to eat less than 1/4 cup feline renal food, putting it one piece at a time on the chair, and then she ate, very cautiously, 1 piece of boiled chicken. No blueberries. I think the vet had a point about the aversion to food if you syringe feed her. I told Frank to try feeding her a little when he got home, no syringe feeding, and if she doesn't eat, no problem. 

5 p.m. He tried the boiled chicken I made at lunch and the turkey. No dice. 

I'm concerned she isn't eating more with this appetite stimulant, but I"m also easing off the ppl food, trying to get her to eat the prescription renal food. I wish she would eat more of the cat food. I don't give a damn if she starts meowing! So frustrated. We are leaving tomorrow for our mini vacat for my birthday. I don't want to spend all weekend trying to coax Holly into eating. I'm glad about the negative test results, but c'mon Holly, eat!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017, ultrasound and BW at the hospital

Last night we decided to bring her back to CSAH to get an ultrasound and finally get answers. She did eat some Greek yogurt last night, and a half slice of bologna, and DH shot watery GD, 3 ounces, down her throat.

She slept all night on our bed. No vomiting. No diarrhea. This a.m. at 8 I took her for a walk. Sorta normal poop, not the bright orange from yesterday, more brownish, smaller. Not watery. She had lagging energy on her walk, didn't even want to jump up on the stoop to go into the house. But then inside she jumped on her chair in the window. I showed her turkey, no interest in it.

I took off from work this a.m. and brought her in thru the ER. She had nothing to eat, and will have nothing to eat until after the u/s. The ER vet was very nice; he is working in tandem with Dr. P. They are doing more BW, liver panel, kidney panel, and then an ultrasound at 4 p.m. Also a heart X-ray. He wanted to do an echo, but i said it was too expensive...if she has early stages of heart failure, the x-ray will show fluid in the sac around the heart. We saw this with Dolce.

Holly did NOT want to be there. She wanted the door. I felt so bad for leaving her, but we need answers. It could be:

1. Liver disease (her breath really stinks)
2. Heart value failing/heart disease
3. Cancer

It will cost between $800 to $1200 for answers. Best case scenario is that the u/s and BW are normal. But I don't think so, not with her on again, off again energy and her refusing to eat.

We spent $900 last Monday, $320 on Friday as well at the ER. But this is how much we love this dog. It's heartbreaking. My birthday is on Sunday. I can't even think about it.

2 p.m. GREAT NEWS! Holly's BW came back, creatine 1.8 and BUN 43, very stable. No signs of liver disease. Ultrasound negative for any tumors, no signs of heart problems on Xray. Vet says they are trying diff. meds and new diet. She "may" have a touch of pancreatitis, those tests are back tomorrow. What a relief. 

Her levels of enzymes for the pancreas were 1700, normal is 1400. Pancreatitis panel comes back tomorrow. Vet doesn't think it's that. I asked him if withholding the omnesdtron would kick her appetite south. He said maybe. Frank accidentally withheld that at night instead of the metro pill after Dr. P wanted it discontinued at night. Hmmmm.

I asked him about watermelon giving her gas, he said no. Watermelon is ok as a treat.blueberries too.

I also asked if they could try to feed her. we'll see how she does. yay for holly!!!!!

He also said syringe feeding can cause a dog stress and to not want to eat. That also makes sense. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

This morning she woke me up at 12:30 a.m. to go outside. She pooped big, it was orangish, then she came inside to drink a little water. Went back on our bed and slept until DH got her up at 4:30 to go outside and give her fluids. Then amazingly enough, she wanted to eat! He fed her low salt turkey with her am pills, the prilosec, metachoprimide and ominestron. She really wanted to eat, and she gulped it down. A v. good sign.

At 8:30 I gave her the slurry. 20 minutes later, no interest in food...not the turkey, or the turkey bologna i just bought or the perdue chicken. So i syringe fed sweet potato BF and then she perked up and ran around with her toys and jumped in her chair when I left for work.

NOTE about the carafate slurry: I tried feeding her yesterday and today about 30 minutes and yesterday an hour after the slurry. NO interest in food. We think she won't eat after the slurry bc it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

I talked with the pet sitter and left instructions. Because Holly did eat turkey on her own this a.m. I am holding off on going to the ER to get her an ultrasound. We are cautiously hopeful that this is a severe attack of gastritis and the meds are starting to help.

Last attack in August was brought on by the deworming meds. I don't know what triggered this one if it is gastritis. But her renal numbers are good.

So today is a wait and see day, crossing our fingers she does eat more. It's been a very exhausting four days. I didn't get any work done. No writing, I'm really behind on Gideon's book and the new short story that is due June 1, plus I have AA's for NSP due next monday.

We both need a break. If Holly's appetite and spirits pick up today and continue to improve,I'll feel much better. She is scheduled for an appointment with Dr. P next Monday. We'll see.

12:30 p.m. It wasn't the slurry. Pet sitter tried to feed her everything, no dice. She walked her and she had orange diarhea 3x, loose and watery. Probably from the burger. She fed her the appetite stimuland at 11:30. So I rushed home, made rice, Holly ate a small piece of low salt turkey. I syringed the pumpkin/ginger supplement into her, about 1 teaspoon. Then I ground up rice and 3 slices of turkey bolonga. She ate about 1
/4 of a cup on her own, about 30 minutes after the appetite stimulant.

Encouraged that she did that. Did not eat from a plate, but had to hand feed. Still, she ate it on her own. Her energy seems good. Pet sitter said she went for her walk, was all excited, and jumped into her chair when she left. She greeted me at the door. So I don't know. We'll see tonight.

3 p.m. gave her the second dose of slurry

4 p.m. DH gave her a teaspoon of pumpkin by syringe.

6 p.m. DH walked her, she pooped twice. Bright orange but more solid than at noon. no interest in food. Except he put some plain Fage greek yogurt in her mouth and she ate it and wanted more. So I gave her the probiotic in the yogurt. She licked about a tablespoon from DH's fingers.

8 p.m. we returned from dinner out. She greeted us at the door, wagging her tail for the first time in a week, doing "sideways" doggie as she always does. She ate half a slice of turkey bolonga with her last pills (prilosec, meta, omni). Then DH syringe fed her 2 ounces GD dog food mixed with water that we had ground up into a slurry.

Then I cut up about 1.5 cubes of watermelon to feed to Cookie as a treat. Holly comes trotting over, investigating. First time she's done that in a week. She ate half the watermelon, and Cookie ate the other half. Encouraging!

She's dozing now. We are encouraged, but at this point, I'm still taking her into the ER to get an ultrasound.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Medical records

Looking over her records:

Nov. 17, 2016: ER: DH picked her up and she yelped and bit him. Gassy. Took her to the ER. Slight heart murmur found. Xrays revealed dialated stomach. Stable kidney disease. US done, showed small, mostly empty stomach. HOspitalized on IV fluids and GI meds, ate HIll's GD with chicken in teh hospital and did not vomit.

January 11, 2017: ER: I took her in for loose stool/diarhea as a precaution. She had been eating lots of blueberries. No interest in eating. Ate turkey night before.

March 22: regular internal vet visit. She did great, creatine was 2.0 and BUN was 80. No US.

April 6: Appetite started going way south. Until Monday she didn't need the appetite stimulant.
Friday: ate no kidney food, only a little chicken. Refused to eat.
Saturday April 8: plate of low phoso. kidney food I made. Ate a plate of that, then all she wanted at night was noodles I brougth back from the restaurant.
Sunday: Nothing except two slices of boar's head ham. 1/2 cup chicken at night.

April 10: ER visit with Dr. McLaughlin. She received a half bag fluids, then the carafate and prilosec. Ate three small meals of the KD when she got home.

April 11, Tuesday: ALUnch: would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down.Ate 1/4 cup roast beef with the KD. Threw up later that a.m. at 3:30

April 12, Wed. I really don't remember. I think she ate 9 small pieces of Perdue chicken for pet sitter.

Thursday April 13: 

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

Friday, April 14th: Two and a half slices of honey baked ham and force fed sweet potato baby food

Saturday, April 15th: One tablespoon lean ground beef, one watermelon cube, force fed sweet potator and she ate about 1 tablespoon new ginger and pumpkin dog digestive food.

AFter stimulant: One tablespoon lean ground beef, force fed sweet potato ginger digestive food. Two small pieces of ham. 

Sunday April 16th: Sweet potato baby food thru syringe, about 1 tablespoon. One slice balony on her own. at 11:32, an hour after the carafate, no interest in food. Zip. Fed her one tablespoon of the new fruit/ginger pumpkin dog supplement thru a syringe, then she ate two small pieces of ham. No interest in the ground beef I cooked this morning. 

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holly slept thru the night on our bed. No wanting to drink water, no vomiting. We actually slept all night and I woke at 5 a.m. We are exhausted.

She got her 200 ml of fluids, ate the pills with Nutr-cal, and we gave her sweet potato baby food around 7:45. While I was at church, she ate a slice of balony on her own.

DH walked her, her stool was somewhat normal. She has more energy this morning than yesterday. Tail is up.

I could not get her to eat ANY ground beef I just cooked. Nada. She didn't even want a piece of ham about 1 hour after the carafate ulcer med.

So I let her outside, and then I syringed 1 tablespoon of the ginger/pumpkin dog supplement into her. Then she ate two small pieces of ham.

She seems to have more appetite after the baby food or the pumpkin. And after going outside, she has more energy.

Is it a tumor pressing against her bladder and when she relieves herself, she feels better? Is it tumors in her tummy? Or is it just the gastritis?

It's so so heartbreaking and frustrating. I told DH if we can't get her to eat more today, I'm taking her in tomorrow again, and this time asking for an ultrasound. It's the only way to tell if she has tumors in her system.

12:45: Still will not eat. Dh syringe fed a mixture of 2.5 ounces of KD and the pumpkin ginger food. Then he walked her and she had a formed poop. Orange. Second poop of the day.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Her food journal from April 8, 2017

Saturday, April 8th: I made her dog food - the low phosphorus recipe I used last year. It has egg whites, rice, parsley, coconut oil, lean ground meat, etc. she ate a plate and then didn't want dinner. I fed her some noodles at dinner.

Sunday April 9th: Today, nada. No food, not even chicken with her pills. We gave her the nutracal for the pills and DH gave her the usual 200 ml of subQ fluids before he left for work. I could not get her to eat any lunch, despite the appetite stimulant. Finally she ate two slices of deli ham, cut into tiny pieces. I had tried everything, even the kidney cat food I got from the hospital to give to her.

Monday, April 10th: After teh ER visit at night: She ate three small meals last night. Two tablespoons each of the KD.

Tuesday April 11: LUnch: would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. At CSAH they fed her KD and ham baby food and she ate well.

 I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. Not interested in more. before returning to work I dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down. V. reassuring.

At night: She ate the KD with roast beef. That night she threw up

Thursday April 13: Appetite stimulant at 8:30 a.m, walk and normal poop

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

Friday, April 14th: Two and a half slices of honey baked ham and force fed sweet potato baby food

Saturday, April 15th: One tablespoon lean ground beef, one watermelon cube, force fed sweet potator and she ate about 1 tablespoon new ginger and pumpkin dog digestive food.

AFter stimulant: One tablespoon lean ground beef, force fed sweet potato ginger digestive food. Two small pieces of ham. 

Sunday April 16th: Sweet potato baby food thru syringe, about 1 tablespoon. One slice balony on her own. at 11:32, an hour after the carafate, no interest in food. Zip. Fed her one tablespoon of the new fruit/ginger pumpkin dog supplement thru a syringe, then she ate two small pieces of ham. No interest in the ground beef I cooked this morning. But her energy is good, better than yesterday. She jumped into her chair and her tail has mostly been up all morning. When DH walked her around 7:30 a.m. she had a mostly normal stool. 

12:45 p.m. DH syringe fed 2.5 ounces of KD and pumpkin with water. So far today, 2 slices turkey bolonga, 1 tablespoon pumpkin dog food. 
I gave her the new appetite stimulant at 4 p.m. She gobbled down DH's hamburger, about 1 cup of beef. It was greasy so I removed as much of the grease as I could with a towel. She also licked off yogurt from my fingers, about 1 teaspoon. At night we gave her the rest of the sweet potato BF, syringed. at night we opened the capsule of probiotic and fed it to her on 1/2 slice of turkey bolonga.

Monday, April 17: Holly ate about 1/2 slice of turkey, low salt, with her 3 pills at 5 a.m. Cauriously hopeful. She also needed to poop at 12:30 a.m. Formed, very soft and orange. She drank a little water, slept on our bed the rest of the night. 

ER, again, yesterday afternoon. April 15 entry

At 3 p.m. after we could only get her to eat a slice of ham, and fed her sweet potato baby food thru a syringe, we took her again to the ER to see if there was anything we could do. The ER doc was great, Dr. Saldana. She examined Holly, palpitated her tummy to see if it was pancreatis. Did BW, we opted to have it done in house so it would come back in an hour. Went to dinner at Fridays, and they called. BW was stable.

Creatine was 1.4, BUN was 50, lowest it's been. And this was about 9 hours AFTER her subQ fluids.

So her kidney values were good. The vet suggested trying to get her to eat anything and keep her on the meds. She also gave me a stronger appetite stimulant and a probiotic.

Took her home, she was perky, anxious to get home. She ate another slice of ham, we did the last of teh sweet potato baby food, and fed her the probiotic and last of the meds.

at 1:30 a.m. she woke up, whining. DH took her outside, then she came back and drank TONS of water, I mean an alarming amount. Then she threw up. It was mostly water and some pieces of ham.

For the rest of the night, she slept on our bed until 7 a.m. no water, no vomiting. We did not sleep, of course.

This morning, DH gave her the fluids, and then we gave her the pills with nutracal, including the prilosec. We gave her a little baby food (apples carrots). Then about an hour later, before DH left for the train park, we fed her more baby food (this is after she did not want to eat anything). He left, she perked up, tail up, wanted to walk.


I walked her across the street and she pooped, messy, loose, but shaped. It was orange, smelly. Then I walked her and she really wanted to walk.

On the way back, she was dragging, tail down again. Barely jumped up onto the patio to get into the house.

I gave her the slurry at 10 a.m. and she burped.

So I don't know. Again, we are in the dark. She perks up for about 10 minutes after you give her baby food, then she's lethergatic and tail down again. She's drinking water, which we thought was to help with the acid in her stomach. not eating.

She threw up Wed. April 12 at 3 a.m. after we fed her the roast beef and KD, and Sat. April 15 at 1:30 am. after drinking a lot of water.

If the renal values were very high, I'd say it was the kidney failure. But they aren't, not even after hours later from giving her fluids.

She seems to get getting worse, not better.

I thought maybe stomach cancer or pancreatitis. But she has no blood in her vomit, and I suspect the vomiting this a.m. was from drinking too much too fast, which dogs can do. And she isn't tender in her abdomen (the vet checked).

I guess all we can do is try to coax her into eating, and if she's still worse on Monday, get an ultrasound done. The US will show if she has a mass in her colon, stomach, whatever.


I'm supposed to take her and Cookie to the groomer at 11:30. She likes Lauren, who grooms at home. But I'm waffling. If she's not doing a little better in an hour, I will leave her home.

1:34 p.m. I cooked lean ground beef and she ate a couple of small pieces around 11. But she was moping around, tail down, so I decided to leave her home while I took Cookie into Lauren. Lo and behold, Holly trotted over when I got the leash, and her tail was up. She wanted to come, too.

So at 11:30 I dropped both of them off, told Lauren if Holly throws up or they have a problem, to call me right away and I'd get her. And I asked to take her home soon as she was done. I just picked her up. Tail up, more energy. Even played with her toy when she got home! So I decided to try feeding her a little. NO kd, she wouldn't touch it, but she ate about a tablespoon of hamburger, grease blotted from it, and almost a cube of watermelon. And I fed her some ginger and pumpkin mix for dogs and she lapped up about a tablespoon. NO APPETITE STIMULANT.

I'll try again in a while. She had a huge burp after the pumpkin.

2 p.m. I gave her the appetite stimuland, since she didn't want to eat. She was shivering a little, kinda. Lying on her pillow. She greeted Cookie at teh door when we got home from the groomer.

She went for a walk, tail wagging. Her tummy was gurgling after she ate a little.

Smoene on the canine cancer loop suggested I give the carafate BEFORE feeding her to coat her tummy. If she has sores on her throat and tummy, it might help. Will try tonight at 6 p.m.

Well, we tried the slurry carafate at 6:15. We had grilled ribs for dinner, she begged us with those big puppy eyes. No way. DH bought low salt turkey, and she ate a little of that. All of this is hand feeding. Then about an hour after the carafate, she ate about 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt.

We gave her the probiotic with about a tablespoon of balony, which she liked, all in small pieces. And then syringe fed baby food, about two squirts, at 8 p.m. The last two pills are the omnistradon and the metachopmide.

I am really worn out. One day at a time. I am praying that tomorrow her appetite picks up a little. She did show spurts of energy today, including around 5 when I took her for a long walk while Dh went to the grocery store. But then she was lagging on teh way back and panting. She drank water when she came into the house, but not much, which is good. We believe the copious water drinking last night at 1:30 was due to the salty ham.

Friday, April 14, 2017

This sounds familiar

I looked back at this blog and saw this post and it's exactly what she is going thru NOW, April 14:

August 8: Yesterday was not a good day. We could barely get her to walk, though once we did, she did have a nice, healthy poop. Yup we have been tracking her stool. That's what we do... after she had one that was pure black a week ago.

Could not get her to eat much, despite the appetite stimulant. At lunch, barely got her to eat watermelon and some honey baked ham with some pumpkin. So we gave her another pill. She ate a little more. At night Frank fed her four strips of Perdue chicken short cuts and more watermelon. She likes the watermelon.

He gave her 200 ml of fluids and she was restless all night, snoring when she lay down. She has breathing issues. This morning she was restless on the bed. I managed to get her to eat the pills with a little fried chicken. Then I took her outside and she did not want to walk at all. It is really humid out, too. I dragged her to the grass and she pooped, but only a little.

From about August 5 to August 28, major probs with getting her to eat. She drank a lot. A lot. Getting her to eat was a PITA, like now. Even the appetite stimulant did not work great. She's going thru the same thing now. 

Friday, April 14

Not good. Crying like crazy. She barely licked the nutracal at 5 a.m. for her morning pills for DH and when I tried to give her the nutracal at 7 a.m. for the prilosece, she refused it. I had to dissolve the pill into water and shoot it down her throat.


5 .m.:  Metachoprimide and omnisdetron
7 a.m. 1/4 tab prilosec
10 a.m. Sulfacate
11:30 appetite stimulant
6 p.m. metachorpirmide and omindestron
6:30 prilosec
8:30 carafate due

She walked, barely. Made a huge, messy poop. Barely had the energy to climb into her chair.

I have been crying all morning. Not going to tell DH how bad she is. What can we do? Pump her full of more IV fluids? She already is getting 200 ml a day. He doesn't want to see how bad she is, it hurts way too much to think this may be it, she may not recover this time. Two years with renal failure.

The only way to tell for sure how bad it is to get her blood tested.

11:51 a.m.  I gave her the appetite stimulant at 11:30, after I returned from picking up the Easter ham. She ate the pill with two small pieces of ham, but now she's totally listless. I was encouraged earlier because she had jumped up on her chair as I left.

In my heart, I know this is the end. If we can't get her to eat today, I'll suggest to DH to bring her back thru the ER to give her more fluids, and take her blood before they start the fluids. I'm sure her BW will show that her kidney failure is rapidly advancing. Giving her an IV drip will flush out her system for a day or two, maybe.

But she's so, so bad. No energy. Just not our Holly. And I can't stop crying.

This is Holly, in the back, the black and white. Our ninja licker. We call her that because she once snuck up on a pet sitter and licked her face. Cookie, 14, is in front. Cookie knows there is something very wrong. Cookie isn't eating, either. She sniffed Holly all over, and then went to lie down by her side, because she knows she is so very, very sick.

My heart is breaking.

When I came home, almost all 7 monarch butterflies were gone. Except one. It was on the ground, trying to fly and dry its wings. I told it to fly, because the nasty badass lizard that has eaten at least 4 of the caterpillars while they were in the cocoon, might eat it. I put down my finger and it climbed right on. I lifted my hand and it flew off to the palm tree. And then I cried and cried, because I know it was a sign from God to let Holly go. It's her time to be released from this world, and her spirit to go on to the next one.

I don't want to let her go. I want her to stay with us, be the happy, perky dog who greeted us when we got home with a toy, who loved going for walks, who would jump into "her" chair to look out the window and bark and growl at the dog next door going for a walk, the dog who would chase her toys around and play. The dog who would growl at Cookie if Cookie tried to eat her food. The dog who, every morning after DH leaves for work, would come over and scratch the bed so I could lift her up after she got her 200 ml of fluids. The dog who slept on our bed all night. The dog who would climb onto our pillows when we left the bed and then look at us with an innocent expression. The dog who loved to lie between us on the sofa when we watched TV.

But I fear those days are gone. And this weekend, or perhaps next weekend on my birthday (happy birthday, Bonnie), it will be her time to leave this world.

6:40 p.m. Well, DH coaxed her into eating a big piece of ham when he got home and we poured more sweet potato baby formula down her. She jumped in the chair after. Then at 3 p.m. we took her back to CPAH. The ER vet, Dr. Saldana, was great. She looked at Holly, at her BW from the past, and told us we had the option to do BW and get results back in an hour, or tomorrow if they sent out. We opted for right now. We left Holly there for an hour to get the blood drawn, and we went to dinner at Fridays. They called as we were finihsing.

BW stable.

We rushed back. Creatine was 1.4, BUN was 50. Even though this lab doesn't have the same values, it was very good.

So it's not the renal failure getting worse.

We did notice that when she eats, she seems to feel better. Plus she drinks a lot of water. She got home, drank TONS OF WATER. It could be, and the vet agrees with us, that her tummy is filled with acid and the water makes her feel better.

So they gave us new KD to try, a probiotic and a new appetite stimulant. I couldn't get her to eat anything with her afternoon pills, but at least she licked the nutracal off my fingers to take the pills.

Now I'm concerned... is her cancer back? But if it is, she would be throwing up and have the runs. I don't know. I'm going with the acid reflux and the sour tummy, sicne she seems to feel better and more active after eating.

We are worn out. One day at a time.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday April 13, one week post appetite loss start

Holly hasn't thrown up anymore, which is good. I took Cookie into the vet; xrays look good. No reason for our 14-year-old Shih Tzu to be gagging. She doesn't do it much. Otherwise, looks good.

Holly's appetite still v. poor. I gave her the appetite stimulant (pecatin), 1/2 tab at 8:30. Walked her, she had a real nice, normal poop, though it was soft.

At 10 a.m. the pet sitter came to walk and feed her. Holly only peed, but eating was meh, even after the appetite stimulant. She ate 9 pieces of chicken and 1 tablespoon of ham baby food.

I came home with Cookie, who ate a whole plate of GD and some chicken. Then worked with the gardener on my butterfly garden. Three monarchs hatched this morning, and a Gulf fritillary. I got a photo of the gulf butterfly emerging from its cocoon, wings still folded.

I fed Holly at 12:30, but all she would eat is 1/4 cup of my Fage greek honey yogurt, licked off a spoon. When I put it in a bowl, she didn't want it.

Gave her the Sulfcate, the ulcer med. Then while she was on the bed, thought I'd try the royal canine renal support Support for felines that they gave me last year at CSAH. She ate two pieces, wanted more. I kept feeding it to her, putting it on the bed, and she ate a little less than 1/4 of a cup. That was very encouraging.

Going now to the grocery to try to find other food to entice her. I hope that her renal failure isn't getting worse, but one has to brace oneself for the worst....

Looking back on this blog when she last was this fussy with eating:

Aug. 5, 2:44 p.m. Friday: The BW from August 4 is "normal" except for the creatine, of course, and the BUN. Creatine was 2.1. the BUN is very high, alarmingly, 104. It was 74 on Sunday and 51 on Thursday. Holly would eat only ham with a little pumpkin in it, hand fed, despite the appetite stimulant. She kept drinking and drinking. . I cried. I fried turkey and she ate only a little. Sent frank to the store for low sodium ham and she wouldn't eat that.

Meals Thursday, April 13, 2017:

Appetite stimulant at 8:30 a.m, walk and normal poop

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

She walked with DH around 4:30, all the way down the block. She really wanted to walk! She popped twice. Second time was lighter and looser.

Dr. P said she needs  to eat around 325 kcals per day. The Renal support has 345 k/cal per day. Per Dr. Perez Holly can have up to 1 cup per day.

So Holly eating about 1/4 of a cup is good. Better if she ate the entire cup! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017

She was doing pretty good, ate her dinner and lunch. And then this morning around 3 a.m. she threw up all over the bed. It was nasty. We think it was giving her roast beef last night. Her poor tummy can't handle it, even though we gave her maybe only a handful. Too greasy.

Hopefully that was the only thing wrong and she will eat again today. She seemed fine after that.

Well, the pet sitter said Holly had a normal poop, but the second time was a little runny and loose. She is very fussy. Would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. At CSAH they fed her KD and ham baby food and she ate well.

So I rushed home at lunch, and she was in the window! Jumped down,wagged her tail, happy to see me. Cookie had eaten all of her food, which is reassuring.

I tried the KD and chicken again. No use. then the plain boiled chicken by itself. Nope. So I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. 

Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. Not interested in more. 

so before returning to work I dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down. V. reassuring.

then as I pulled out of the driveway, she was on "her" chair again.

I am exhausted. One day at a time. I think back to two years ago, 2015, when we first started on this journey. She was diagnosed two years ago this month with stage 3 renal failure, after completing chemo for mammary gland cancer. She was diagnosed with the cancer August 2014, shortly before DH's birthday.

There are so many things you do as a pet owner for your dog to coax her into eating. Like the roast beef... she loves it and loves the smell. Or getting a rotisserie chicken because she will perk up and want to eat that as well. It brings back memories of Dolce, our other Shih Tzu, who would NOT eat. In the end I would buy placemats to put on the floor because only by putting a little food on the floor would he eat it. He was diagnosed with heart failure nd we had to put him to sleep in June, 2015, shortly after my last living uncle died. I actually wasn't pay much attention to Dolce, though we brought him in for many vet visits, because i was frantic about Holly's renal failure. 

Buying baby food. Doing anything and everything you can to get your dog to eat, to be happy, to be her old self. For me it stems back to when my mom was dying from colon cancer. I'd go shopping and get her all the little things I thought she'd like, and enjoy having in her room. I'd spend money like crazy because in my mind, if I could bring her something that might pep her up, bring back "mom" again, it was worth it.

But she died. It was very bad. And Holly will die as well. I don't know when. I keep hoping for a few more months, more time, more perky Holly, like she used to be. I don't know. I just don't know if this is a symptom that her renal failure is getting worse or if it was the food she ate and her tummy couldn't take it. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

She's home and we are worn out

First, she is doing well. She ate three small meals last night. Two tablespoons each of the KD. She did not eat much last night at the hospital, but when she got home, she was hungry. Poor baby didn't want to eat in the place where they poke her with needles and prod her.

So that is very good.

They gave her the IV flush, four bags, I think. They also put her back on the GI meds, the sulfcate and the prilosec, because of a potential GI bleed.

But what was frustrating, and upsetting, was how she was discharged. DH was told he could pick her up at 6:30. We got there about that time and after about 15 minutes the night nurse came out with the discharge instructions. Um, wait, we have a question for the ER doctor.

"Well, I have to find you a room and it will be about an hour because he's busy with discharges."

An hour? Back and forth with questions.... because they did one blood draw and the numbers were so good - her creatine down to 1.6 and her BUN down to 58, that we were sure the BW was drawn AFTEr the IV. After the very nice manager, Brittany, listened, really listened to what I had to say, she understood.

We weren't being critical of HOW or WHEN the blood was drawn, but we were worried because with those kind of good numbers, then there had to be another reason WHY she wasn't eating, was drinking so much, and we brought her in. With those kind of good numbers, maybe the renal failure WAS NOT CAUSING THE PROBLEM BUT SHE HAD ANOTHER PROBLEM AND WE DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE HER HOME ONLY TO HAVE TO BRING HER BACK THE NEXT FREAKING DAY.

Brittany was very nice and understood. We had two options: Take her home, see how she does. Or B: leave her overnight, which meant stickign her AGAIN with another iV port, and Dr. P would do a full workup in the morning.

Because she was so stressed, and because she was on the new GI meds, we opted to bring her home. Also Brittany said we could bring her back (thru ER) and if we had any trouble, to contact her as she would be there all week. She wasn't certain if Dr. P could be available to do a full workup if we brought her back thru the ER, because it would depend on how busy Dr. P is.

Fair enough.

We got home around 8, gave Holly her new meds, and then went out to eat dinner at 8:30 at our fav. Italian restaurant. We are still worn out. In addition. DH's work called him in yesterday, on his day off!!! They needed something electrical fixed, and as it turns out, he couldn't fix it since it was the equipment. 

We need a vacation. And two dogs who are healthier. Fortunately, last night Cookie decided she was hungry again (she didn't eat at lunch), so that made me feel better.

Cookis is 14 and will be 15 in 6  months. Holly has renal disease. Life with two dogs with serious issues. One day at a time.

My birthday is in 2 weeks. I need a break from dogs being sick, and work stress, and book stress. Hopefully Holly at least will be better and no more animal hospital for many weeks. I hope.