Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017

She was doing pretty good, ate her dinner and lunch. And then this morning around 3 a.m. she threw up all over the bed. It was nasty. We think it was giving her roast beef last night. Her poor tummy can't handle it, even though we gave her maybe only a handful. Too greasy.

Hopefully that was the only thing wrong and she will eat again today. She seemed fine after that.

Well, the pet sitter said Holly had a normal poop, but the second time was a little runny and loose. She is very fussy. Would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. At CSAH they fed her KD and ham baby food and she ate well.

So I rushed home at lunch, and she was in the window! Jumped down,wagged her tail, happy to see me. Cookie had eaten all of her food, which is reassuring.

I tried the KD and chicken again. No use. then the plain boiled chicken by itself. Nope. So I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. 

Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. Not interested in more. 

so before returning to work I dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down. V. reassuring.

then as I pulled out of the driveway, she was on "her" chair again.

I am exhausted. One day at a time. I think back to two years ago, 2015, when we first started on this journey. She was diagnosed two years ago this month with stage 3 renal failure, after completing chemo for mammary gland cancer. She was diagnosed with the cancer August 2014, shortly before DH's birthday.

There are so many things you do as a pet owner for your dog to coax her into eating. Like the roast beef... she loves it and loves the smell. Or getting a rotisserie chicken because she will perk up and want to eat that as well. It brings back memories of Dolce, our other Shih Tzu, who would NOT eat. In the end I would buy placemats to put on the floor because only by putting a little food on the floor would he eat it. He was diagnosed with heart failure nd we had to put him to sleep in June, 2015, shortly after my last living uncle died. I actually wasn't pay much attention to Dolce, though we brought him in for many vet visits, because i was frantic about Holly's renal failure. 

Buying baby food. Doing anything and everything you can to get your dog to eat, to be happy, to be her old self. For me it stems back to when my mom was dying from colon cancer. I'd go shopping and get her all the little things I thought she'd like, and enjoy having in her room. I'd spend money like crazy because in my mind, if I could bring her something that might pep her up, bring back "mom" again, it was worth it.

But she died. It was very bad. And Holly will die as well. I don't know when. I keep hoping for a few more months, more time, more perky Holly, like she used to be. I don't know. I just don't know if this is a symptom that her renal failure is getting worse or if it was the food she ate and her tummy couldn't take it. 

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