Friday, April 21, 2017

Doing better, April 21, 2017, Friday

She still would NOT eat last night, so DH filled a syringe with renal food and fed it to her gently. Two ounces. For lunch yesterday, all she ate was balony, greek yogurt, and a little renal cat food.

We drove to Ft. Myers, leaving the housesitter at the house, and Holly rode on my lap almost the whole time because she whined. She probably thought she was going back to CSAH. We left at 4 and got there around 6:30, went to eat at the Sanddollar bar (fajitas, yum!) and doggies settled down. Room 101 is nice, but I was real disappointed because I wanted the room with the enclosed porch on the second floor that we got last time. Doggies love being out there, and it's a good place for me to write. But this is OK, and the room is all tile so if there are messes, no problem. Shower is bigger, but no place to put your soap or shampoo. Huh?

Anyway, we walked to the beach last night just after sunset with them... I had Cookie in "her" bag. Holly walked on teh beach, very noisy. Very active.

This morning at 7 am when we got up, she was active. And hungry! She ate a couple of pieces of boiled chicken with her pills, first time she has done that in a while! We went to look for our fav. breakfast place but they are closed, probably because of the roadwork (what a mess). So we went to Publix, bought food for breakfast. Came back and while DH gave her fluids, I cooked eggs and Taylor ham. Holly ate a good portion of the butter croissant I had for breakfast.

Walked both dogs downstairs, they both had nice, normal poops, and then DH left around 10 to do his hobby shops. Doggies are out on the balcony with me as I write. I tied their leashes to the railings so they can't wander off. Cookie is fast asleep on teh pillow and Holly keeps looking through the railings at the scenery. This is a very decent dog friendly hotel, only one block from the beach.

Hopefully she will eat a good lunch. I will cancel the appt with Dr. P for Monday. Yes.....

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