Saturday, April 15, 2017

ER, again, yesterday afternoon. April 15 entry

At 3 p.m. after we could only get her to eat a slice of ham, and fed her sweet potato baby food thru a syringe, we took her again to the ER to see if there was anything we could do. The ER doc was great, Dr. Saldana. She examined Holly, palpitated her tummy to see if it was pancreatis. Did BW, we opted to have it done in house so it would come back in an hour. Went to dinner at Fridays, and they called. BW was stable.

Creatine was 1.4, BUN was 50, lowest it's been. And this was about 9 hours AFTER her subQ fluids.

So her kidney values were good. The vet suggested trying to get her to eat anything and keep her on the meds. She also gave me a stronger appetite stimulant and a probiotic.

Took her home, she was perky, anxious to get home. She ate another slice of ham, we did the last of teh sweet potato baby food, and fed her the probiotic and last of the meds.

at 1:30 a.m. she woke up, whining. DH took her outside, then she came back and drank TONS of water, I mean an alarming amount. Then she threw up. It was mostly water and some pieces of ham.

For the rest of the night, she slept on our bed until 7 a.m. no water, no vomiting. We did not sleep, of course.

This morning, DH gave her the fluids, and then we gave her the pills with nutracal, including the prilosec. We gave her a little baby food (apples carrots). Then about an hour later, before DH left for the train park, we fed her more baby food (this is after she did not want to eat anything). He left, she perked up, tail up, wanted to walk.


I walked her across the street and she pooped, messy, loose, but shaped. It was orange, smelly. Then I walked her and she really wanted to walk.

On the way back, she was dragging, tail down again. Barely jumped up onto the patio to get into the house.

I gave her the slurry at 10 a.m. and she burped.

So I don't know. Again, we are in the dark. She perks up for about 10 minutes after you give her baby food, then she's lethergatic and tail down again. She's drinking water, which we thought was to help with the acid in her stomach. not eating.

She threw up Wed. April 12 at 3 a.m. after we fed her the roast beef and KD, and Sat. April 15 at 1:30 am. after drinking a lot of water.

If the renal values were very high, I'd say it was the kidney failure. But they aren't, not even after hours later from giving her fluids.

She seems to get getting worse, not better.

I thought maybe stomach cancer or pancreatitis. But she has no blood in her vomit, and I suspect the vomiting this a.m. was from drinking too much too fast, which dogs can do. And she isn't tender in her abdomen (the vet checked).

I guess all we can do is try to coax her into eating, and if she's still worse on Monday, get an ultrasound done. The US will show if she has a mass in her colon, stomach, whatever.


I'm supposed to take her and Cookie to the groomer at 11:30. She likes Lauren, who grooms at home. But I'm waffling. If she's not doing a little better in an hour, I will leave her home.

1:34 p.m. I cooked lean ground beef and she ate a couple of small pieces around 11. But she was moping around, tail down, so I decided to leave her home while I took Cookie into Lauren. Lo and behold, Holly trotted over when I got the leash, and her tail was up. She wanted to come, too.

So at 11:30 I dropped both of them off, told Lauren if Holly throws up or they have a problem, to call me right away and I'd get her. And I asked to take her home soon as she was done. I just picked her up. Tail up, more energy. Even played with her toy when she got home! So I decided to try feeding her a little. NO kd, she wouldn't touch it, but she ate about a tablespoon of hamburger, grease blotted from it, and almost a cube of watermelon. And I fed her some ginger and pumpkin mix for dogs and she lapped up about a tablespoon. NO APPETITE STIMULANT.

I'll try again in a while. She had a huge burp after the pumpkin.

2 p.m. I gave her the appetite stimuland, since she didn't want to eat. She was shivering a little, kinda. Lying on her pillow. She greeted Cookie at teh door when we got home from the groomer.

She went for a walk, tail wagging. Her tummy was gurgling after she ate a little.

Smoene on the canine cancer loop suggested I give the carafate BEFORE feeding her to coat her tummy. If she has sores on her throat and tummy, it might help. Will try tonight at 6 p.m.

Well, we tried the slurry carafate at 6:15. We had grilled ribs for dinner, she begged us with those big puppy eyes. No way. DH bought low salt turkey, and she ate a little of that. All of this is hand feeding. Then about an hour after the carafate, she ate about 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt.

We gave her the probiotic with about a tablespoon of balony, which she liked, all in small pieces. And then syringe fed baby food, about two squirts, at 8 p.m. The last two pills are the omnistradon and the metachopmide.

I am really worn out. One day at a time. I am praying that tomorrow her appetite picks up a little. She did show spurts of energy today, including around 5 when I took her for a long walk while Dh went to the grocery store. But then she was lagging on teh way back and panting. She drank water when she came into the house, but not much, which is good. We believe the copious water drinking last night at 1:30 was due to the salty ham.

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