Saturday, April 15, 2017

Her food journal from April 8, 2017

Saturday, April 8th: I made her dog food - the low phosphorus recipe I used last year. It has egg whites, rice, parsley, coconut oil, lean ground meat, etc. she ate a plate and then didn't want dinner. I fed her some noodles at dinner.

Sunday April 9th: Today, nada. No food, not even chicken with her pills. We gave her the nutracal for the pills and DH gave her the usual 200 ml of subQ fluids before he left for work. I could not get her to eat any lunch, despite the appetite stimulant. Finally she ate two slices of deli ham, cut into tiny pieces. I had tried everything, even the kidney cat food I got from the hospital to give to her.

Monday, April 10th: After teh ER visit at night: She ate three small meals last night. Two tablespoons each of the KD.

Tuesday April 11: LUnch: would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. At CSAH they fed her KD and ham baby food and she ate well.

 I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. Not interested in more. before returning to work I dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down. V. reassuring.

At night: She ate the KD with roast beef. That night she threw up

Thursday April 13: Appetite stimulant at 8:30 a.m, walk and normal poop

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

Friday, April 14th: Two and a half slices of honey baked ham and force fed sweet potato baby food

Saturday, April 15th: One tablespoon lean ground beef, one watermelon cube, force fed sweet potator and she ate about 1 tablespoon new ginger and pumpkin dog digestive food.

AFter stimulant: One tablespoon lean ground beef, force fed sweet potato ginger digestive food. Two small pieces of ham. 

Sunday April 16th: Sweet potato baby food thru syringe, about 1 tablespoon. One slice balony on her own. at 11:32, an hour after the carafate, no interest in food. Zip. Fed her one tablespoon of the new fruit/ginger pumpkin dog supplement thru a syringe, then she ate two small pieces of ham. No interest in the ground beef I cooked this morning. But her energy is good, better than yesterday. She jumped into her chair and her tail has mostly been up all morning. When DH walked her around 7:30 a.m. she had a mostly normal stool. 

12:45 p.m. DH syringe fed 2.5 ounces of KD and pumpkin with water. So far today, 2 slices turkey bolonga, 1 tablespoon pumpkin dog food. 
I gave her the new appetite stimulant at 4 p.m. She gobbled down DH's hamburger, about 1 cup of beef. It was greasy so I removed as much of the grease as I could with a towel. She also licked off yogurt from my fingers, about 1 teaspoon. At night we gave her the rest of the sweet potato BF, syringed. at night we opened the capsule of probiotic and fed it to her on 1/2 slice of turkey bolonga.

Monday, April 17: Holly ate about 1/2 slice of turkey, low salt, with her 3 pills at 5 a.m. Cauriously hopeful. She also needed to poop at 12:30 a.m. Formed, very soft and orange. She drank a little water, slept on our bed the rest of the night. 

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