Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017: Here we go, again

Three days ago, Holly started being fussy with what she ate. She had been eating terrific, and I fed her a whole bunch of apples and we think they fermented in her tummy. Then we thought it was because we skipped one dose of the metachoprimide, the med that moves food through her system. Then we thought it was because she was 2 days late getting her B12 shot.

Yesterday morning she was shivering... which I know is a symptom of kidney disease. I made her dog food - the low phosphorus recipe I used last year. It has egg whites, rice, parsley, coconut oil, lean ground meat, etc. she ate a plate and then didn't want dinner. I fed her some noodles at dinner.

Today, nada. No food, not even chicken with her pills. We gave her the nutracal for the pills and DH gave her the usual 200 ml of subQ fluids before he left for work. I could not get her to eat any lunch, despite the appetite stimulant. Finally she ate two slices of deli ham, cut into tiny pieces. I had tried everything, even the kidney cat food I got from the hospital to give to her.

We debated taking her into the hospital, and decided tomorrow was better since the internal medicine staff "should" be there tomorrow. Then after we got home from dinner and getting more plants at Flamingo Road nursery, she was all frisky again. Played with her toys...and DH coaxed her into eating about a cup of chicken.

But she has been drinking a LOT of water today and yesterday, and when she pooped today on her walk, it was green with streaks of blood. She could have a GI issue.

Wait and see...and hopefully she will be ok. One day at a time with this dog, whom we love soooo much.

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