Monday, April 10, 2017

IV fluids at the hospital

DH called. The ER vet consulted with internal medicine and they agreed, without even doing BW, that her kidney values are going up again so they are doing IV fluids and keeping her overnight. The BW results will come back later this afternoon. They said the sooner they can get her on fluids, the better. He said it was good we brought her in so soon. When DH asked if giving her too many apples had done this, the ER vet was firm and said no, it was the kidney failure getting worse. 

I'm trying not to cry.

I knew it was getting worse because she was drinking a LOT more water in the past week, and her numbers on March 23 were creatine 2.0 and BUN was, 80, I think. Back in November creatine was 1.7 and BUN was around 74. They said she was "stable," but I knew the numbers were creeping up.

She had her last IV flush Nov. 14. That's almost 5 months ago. The ER vet, who is an internal medicine vet, said she needs the IV flush that will clean everything out of her kidneys. He said she is perky, not lethargic like some dogs who have severe renal failure. He said she will probably need only the overnight stay - which will cost us $1400.

I don't care about the money, long as she is ok. I just hope that is all she needs is overnight. He said that it's good we brought her in right away and didn't wait because the anorexia, lack of appetite, is the first sign. It really started Thursday, she was fussy, and then Friday I thought the B12 shot would help, and it didn't. She did eat the renal food on Saturday that I made.

Yesterday was the worst with the lack of appetite.

So praying and crossing my fingers that this IV flush will do it and she will be our perky, happy Holly again tomorrow and her numbers will be great.

Her history, so I can know the incidents:

Sunday, April 10, 2016: We took her to the ER because she refused to eat anything, even the nutracal. Her tail was dragging and she was very lethargic. Diagnosis was renal failure much worse. Her creatine was all the way to 2.8. Bun was elevated as well. She got IV fluids and was in the hospital in ICU for 5 days.

We had planned a trip to Denver for my birthday (why does April always bring a crisis with a dog?) and we did go away. Our friend pet sat Cookie but Holly went into the hospital for boarding, critical care. 

August 5: She went back to the ER because of a GI bleed; had meds and an appetite stimulant. 

Nov. 14: Stayed overnight for an IV flush to her system because of gas pain, when DH picked her up she yelped and bit him. We had missed a couple of doses of her metacoplromide, the med that moves food thru her intestines. 

Thursday, March 23: Had her regular check up; all is well. but creatine was 2.0. NO u/s done (cost) and I gave her the internal tick medicine as she and Cookie had lots of fleas. Vet said she looked great and that we should try cutting back to once a day on the metaclprpimide. I told vet Holly hadn't had an appetite stimulant in 3 weeks, she was doing that well. Her food was KD or GD with about 1/4 cup of chicken sprinkled on it, two times a day. She was eating like a horse, and we also gave her apples. No blueberries, as she went to the ER with the severe runs in February and I took her to the ER. 

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