Sunday, April 16, 2017

Medical records

Looking over her records:

Nov. 17, 2016: ER: DH picked her up and she yelped and bit him. Gassy. Took her to the ER. Slight heart murmur found. Xrays revealed dialated stomach. Stable kidney disease. US done, showed small, mostly empty stomach. HOspitalized on IV fluids and GI meds, ate HIll's GD with chicken in teh hospital and did not vomit.

January 11, 2017: ER: I took her in for loose stool/diarhea as a precaution. She had been eating lots of blueberries. No interest in eating. Ate turkey night before.

March 22: regular internal vet visit. She did great, creatine was 2.0 and BUN was 80. No US.

April 6: Appetite started going way south. Until Monday she didn't need the appetite stimulant.
Friday: ate no kidney food, only a little chicken. Refused to eat.
Saturday April 8: plate of low phoso. kidney food I made. Ate a plate of that, then all she wanted at night was noodles I brougth back from the restaurant.
Sunday: Nothing except two slices of boar's head ham. 1/2 cup chicken at night.

April 10: ER visit with Dr. McLaughlin. She received a half bag fluids, then the carafate and prilosec. Ate three small meals of the KD when she got home.

April 11, Tuesday: ALUnch: would not eat the KD or GD with boiled chicken sprinkled on it. Not even warmed. NO boiled chicken, either. Nicki got her to eat a piece of Perdue chicken and called me. I told her to hold off on feeding her more chicken. I had gone to Publix at break and bought baby food. I mixed a little GD with the ham baby food and she sniffed at it. Licked a small amount off my fingers. Then she ate a small piece of Perdue chicken. dumped the jar of ham baby food into a bowl and she gobbled that down.Ate 1/4 cup roast beef with the KD. Threw up later that a.m. at 3:30

April 12, Wed. I really don't remember. I think she ate 9 small pieces of Perdue chicken for pet sitter.

Thursday April 13: 

10 a.m. Nine small pieces boiled chicken with one tablespoon of the ham baby food
12:30 p.m. 1/4 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/4 cup renal support feline kibble Royal Canin A
4 p.m. Less than 1/4 cup of shredded chicken with 1/2 teaspoon of shredded roast beef
5 p.m. She ate half a cube of watermelon. Would have eaten more, but I didn't want her tummy getting upset. One saltless pretzel and one Gerber Lil Biscuits graduates Vanilla Wheat.
6 p.m. She ate about a half handful of the KD mixed in about 1 taplespoon rotisserie chicken
7 p.m. She gobbled down 5 blueberries with her prilosec. Would have eaten more, again, worried about gas.

Friday, April 14th: Two and a half slices of honey baked ham and force fed sweet potato baby food

Saturday, April 15th: One tablespoon lean ground beef, one watermelon cube, force fed sweet potator and she ate about 1 tablespoon new ginger and pumpkin dog digestive food.

AFter stimulant: One tablespoon lean ground beef, force fed sweet potato ginger digestive food. Two small pieces of ham. 

Sunday April 16th: Sweet potato baby food thru syringe, about 1 tablespoon. One slice balony on her own. at 11:32, an hour after the carafate, no interest in food. Zip. Fed her one tablespoon of the new fruit/ginger pumpkin dog supplement thru a syringe, then she ate two small pieces of ham. No interest in the ground beef I cooked this morning. 

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