Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

This morning she woke me up at 12:30 a.m. to go outside. She pooped big, it was orangish, then she came inside to drink a little water. Went back on our bed and slept until DH got her up at 4:30 to go outside and give her fluids. Then amazingly enough, she wanted to eat! He fed her low salt turkey with her am pills, the prilosec, metachoprimide and ominestron. She really wanted to eat, and she gulped it down. A v. good sign.

At 8:30 I gave her the slurry. 20 minutes later, no interest in food...not the turkey, or the turkey bologna i just bought or the perdue chicken. So i syringe fed sweet potato BF and then she perked up and ran around with her toys and jumped in her chair when I left for work.

NOTE about the carafate slurry: I tried feeding her yesterday and today about 30 minutes and yesterday an hour after the slurry. NO interest in food. We think she won't eat after the slurry bc it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

I talked with the pet sitter and left instructions. Because Holly did eat turkey on her own this a.m. I am holding off on going to the ER to get her an ultrasound. We are cautiously hopeful that this is a severe attack of gastritis and the meds are starting to help.

Last attack in August was brought on by the deworming meds. I don't know what triggered this one if it is gastritis. But her renal numbers are good.

So today is a wait and see day, crossing our fingers she does eat more. It's been a very exhausting four days. I didn't get any work done. No writing, I'm really behind on Gideon's book and the new short story that is due June 1, plus I have AA's for NSP due next monday.

We both need a break. If Holly's appetite and spirits pick up today and continue to improve,I'll feel much better. She is scheduled for an appointment with Dr. P next Monday. We'll see.

12:30 p.m. It wasn't the slurry. Pet sitter tried to feed her everything, no dice. She walked her and she had orange diarhea 3x, loose and watery. Probably from the burger. She fed her the appetite stimuland at 11:30. So I rushed home, made rice, Holly ate a small piece of low salt turkey. I syringed the pumpkin/ginger supplement into her, about 1 teaspoon. Then I ground up rice and 3 slices of turkey bolonga. She ate about 1
/4 of a cup on her own, about 30 minutes after the appetite stimulant.

Encouraged that she did that. Did not eat from a plate, but had to hand feed. Still, she ate it on her own. Her energy seems good. Pet sitter said she went for her walk, was all excited, and jumped into her chair when she left. She greeted me at the door. So I don't know. We'll see tonight.

3 p.m. gave her the second dose of slurry

4 p.m. DH gave her a teaspoon of pumpkin by syringe.

6 p.m. DH walked her, she pooped twice. Bright orange but more solid than at noon. no interest in food. Except he put some plain Fage greek yogurt in her mouth and she ate it and wanted more. So I gave her the probiotic in the yogurt. She licked about a tablespoon from DH's fingers.

8 p.m. we returned from dinner out. She greeted us at the door, wagging her tail for the first time in a week, doing "sideways" doggie as she always does. She ate half a slice of turkey bolonga with her last pills (prilosec, meta, omni). Then DH syringe fed her 2 ounces GD dog food mixed with water that we had ground up into a slurry.

Then I cut up about 1.5 cubes of watermelon to feed to Cookie as a treat. Holly comes trotting over, investigating. First time she's done that in a week. She ate half the watermelon, and Cookie ate the other half. Encouraging!

She's dozing now. We are encouraged, but at this point, I'm still taking her into the ER to get an ultrasound.

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