Tuesday, April 11, 2017

She's home and we are worn out

First, she is doing well. She ate three small meals last night. Two tablespoons each of the KD. She did not eat much last night at the hospital, but when she got home, she was hungry. Poor baby didn't want to eat in the place where they poke her with needles and prod her.

So that is very good.

They gave her the IV flush, four bags, I think. They also put her back on the GI meds, the sulfcate and the prilosec, because of a potential GI bleed.

But what was frustrating, and upsetting, was how she was discharged. DH was told he could pick her up at 6:30. We got there about that time and after about 15 minutes the night nurse came out with the discharge instructions. Um, wait, we have a question for the ER doctor.

"Well, I have to find you a room and it will be about an hour because he's busy with discharges."

An hour? Back and forth with questions.... because they did one blood draw and the numbers were so good - her creatine down to 1.6 and her BUN down to 58, that we were sure the BW was drawn AFTEr the IV. After the very nice manager, Brittany, listened, really listened to what I had to say, she understood.

We weren't being critical of HOW or WHEN the blood was drawn, but we were worried because with those kind of good numbers, then there had to be another reason WHY she wasn't eating, was drinking so much, and we brought her in. With those kind of good numbers, maybe the renal failure WAS NOT CAUSING THE PROBLEM BUT SHE HAD ANOTHER PROBLEM AND WE DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE HER HOME ONLY TO HAVE TO BRING HER BACK THE NEXT FREAKING DAY.

Brittany was very nice and understood. We had two options: Take her home, see how she does. Or B: leave her overnight, which meant stickign her AGAIN with another iV port, and Dr. P would do a full workup in the morning.

Because she was so stressed, and because she was on the new GI meds, we opted to bring her home. Also Brittany said we could bring her back (thru ER) and if we had any trouble, to contact her as she would be there all week. She wasn't certain if Dr. P could be available to do a full workup if we brought her back thru the ER, because it would depend on how busy Dr. P is.

Fair enough.

We got home around 8, gave Holly her new meds, and then went out to eat dinner at 8:30 at our fav. Italian restaurant. We are still worn out. In addition. DH's work called him in yesterday, on his day off!!! They needed something electrical fixed, and as it turns out, he couldn't fix it since it was the equipment. 

We need a vacation. And two dogs who are healthier. Fortunately, last night Cookie decided she was hungry again (she didn't eat at lunch), so that made me feel better.

Cookis is 14 and will be 15 in 6  months. Holly has renal disease. Life with two dogs with serious issues. One day at a time.

My birthday is in 2 weeks. I need a break from dogs being sick, and work stress, and book stress. Hopefully Holly at least will be better and no more animal hospital for many weeks. I hope.

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