Friday, April 14, 2017

This sounds familiar

I looked back at this blog and saw this post and it's exactly what she is going thru NOW, April 14:

August 8: Yesterday was not a good day. We could barely get her to walk, though once we did, she did have a nice, healthy poop. Yup we have been tracking her stool. That's what we do... after she had one that was pure black a week ago.

Could not get her to eat much, despite the appetite stimulant. At lunch, barely got her to eat watermelon and some honey baked ham with some pumpkin. So we gave her another pill. She ate a little more. At night Frank fed her four strips of Perdue chicken short cuts and more watermelon. She likes the watermelon.

He gave her 200 ml of fluids and she was restless all night, snoring when she lay down. She has breathing issues. This morning she was restless on the bed. I managed to get her to eat the pills with a little fried chicken. Then I took her outside and she did not want to walk at all. It is really humid out, too. I dragged her to the grass and she pooped, but only a little.

From about August 5 to August 28, major probs with getting her to eat. She drank a lot. A lot. Getting her to eat was a PITA, like now. Even the appetite stimulant did not work great. She's going thru the same thing now. 

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