Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017, ultrasound and BW at the hospital

Last night we decided to bring her back to CSAH to get an ultrasound and finally get answers. She did eat some Greek yogurt last night, and a half slice of bologna, and DH shot watery GD, 3 ounces, down her throat.

She slept all night on our bed. No vomiting. No diarrhea. This a.m. at 8 I took her for a walk. Sorta normal poop, not the bright orange from yesterday, more brownish, smaller. Not watery. She had lagging energy on her walk, didn't even want to jump up on the stoop to go into the house. But then inside she jumped on her chair in the window. I showed her turkey, no interest in it.

I took off from work this a.m. and brought her in thru the ER. She had nothing to eat, and will have nothing to eat until after the u/s. The ER vet was very nice; he is working in tandem with Dr. P. They are doing more BW, liver panel, kidney panel, and then an ultrasound at 4 p.m. Also a heart X-ray. He wanted to do an echo, but i said it was too expensive...if she has early stages of heart failure, the x-ray will show fluid in the sac around the heart. We saw this with Dolce.

Holly did NOT want to be there. She wanted the door. I felt so bad for leaving her, but we need answers. It could be:

1. Liver disease (her breath really stinks)
2. Heart value failing/heart disease
3. Cancer

It will cost between $800 to $1200 for answers. Best case scenario is that the u/s and BW are normal. But I don't think so, not with her on again, off again energy and her refusing to eat.

We spent $900 last Monday, $320 on Friday as well at the ER. But this is how much we love this dog. It's heartbreaking. My birthday is on Sunday. I can't even think about it.

2 p.m. GREAT NEWS! Holly's BW came back, creatine 1.8 and BUN 43, very stable. No signs of liver disease. Ultrasound negative for any tumors, no signs of heart problems on Xray. Vet says they are trying diff. meds and new diet. She "may" have a touch of pancreatitis, those tests are back tomorrow. What a relief. 

Her levels of enzymes for the pancreas were 1700, normal is 1400. Pancreatitis panel comes back tomorrow. Vet doesn't think it's that. I asked him if withholding the omnesdtron would kick her appetite south. He said maybe. Frank accidentally withheld that at night instead of the metro pill after Dr. P wanted it discontinued at night. Hmmmm.

I asked him about watermelon giving her gas, he said no. Watermelon is ok as a treat.blueberries too.

I also asked if they could try to feed her. we'll see how she does. yay for holly!!!!!

He also said syringe feeding can cause a dog stress and to not want to eat. That also makes sense. 

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