Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25

We had a lovely weekend at the dog hotel on Ft. Myers Beach, and I had a relaxing birthday. Dr. P's assistant called Thursday to ask if we wanted to cancel, I told her that I wanted to give Holly another day. I cancelled the appointment on Friday.

Holly continues to improve slightly. DH is still syringe feeding her the Royal Canin renal food T, but she eats it. He tried the Hills, but she spit that out. Yesterday, she ate from the plate a mixture of chicken from Rib City (dry), peas and some renal food for lunch. 

today for the pet sitter, she barely ate, but she is also exhausted. DH walked her almost a mile on the beach...she wanted to walk! She loves the different smells. 

the hotel was great for the dogs, though I would have preferred the room with the private porch so I could sit out there and write and the dogs could sit with me. This room had a table and chairs, but no private porch, so I had to tether them to the table. It worked out. 

some of my favorite activities were sitting on the porch, writing, Holly on the table with me. I enjoy writing in the morning with different scenery. The porch was nice, with lots of palm trees, and the Gulf nearby. I was quite productive.

Best times were taking the dogs to the beach for sunset, and spending time with DH where we weren't frantically trying to figure out what to feed Holly, or taking her back to the animal hospital. Just sitting and relaxing. We sorely needed that after 2 weeks of being frantic.

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