Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 19,2017 Home from the hospital

All tests, the ultrasound, X-ray, were negative. No cancer, heart disease, not even gastritis. No inflamation of the lining of her tummy. BW was 1.8 for creatine, 48 for BUN. Liver enzymes were fine. Only thing was her pancreatic enzymes were elevated,so they did an pancreatic panel, that should be back today in case she has pancreatitis.

I dropped her off at 10, went to work by 11, then left work at 4 to meet DH at CSAH to pick her up. The ER vet was v. nice, told us she "may" have an aversion to dog food if you syringe feed her. No protein, either. But he agreed, yes, we HAVE to get the dog to eat.

She got a new anti nausea pill, Cerina? No more carafate. We got her home, went to dinner, and came home around 7:30 and tried to feed her. For an hour. NO dog food, not even after the appetite stimulant. Not the Royal Canin, not the Hills. Vet had admitted she would not eat it at the hospital, only a small handful of chicken.

So she ate some Greek yogurt, 5 blueberries, about 4 pieces of watermelon, about 6 pieces of feline reline food, and about a handful of turkey. Even after the appetite stimulant. V. frustrating. Hoping it will better today.

1 p.m. Pet sitter said she ate half a slice of turkey bologna and then another half slice with appetite stim at 11:15. All she would eat. Cookie pooped a little loose, soft stool with a little blood. So I ran home for lunch, which I'm not supposed to do because I'm supposed to get only a 1/2 hour for lunch. I boiled chicken, took the rice I had cooked the other day and added that to the new chicken and gave it to Cookie to soothe her intestines. She gets loose, bloody stool sometimes if her system is out of whack. She gobbled that down and would have had the whole damn plate. I believe the plain greek yogurt I gave her the past two days brought on some IBS. 

Holly...another story. I tried the new Hills KD with hard cheese, she wanted only the cheese. Mushed up chicken and Hills, no use.

I finally got her to eat less than 1/4 cup feline renal food, putting it one piece at a time on the chair, and then she ate, very cautiously, 1 piece of boiled chicken. No blueberries. I think the vet had a point about the aversion to food if you syringe feed her. I told Frank to try feeding her a little when he got home, no syringe feeding, and if she doesn't eat, no problem. 

5 p.m. He tried the boiled chicken I made at lunch and the turkey. No dice. 

I'm concerned she isn't eating more with this appetite stimulant, but I"m also easing off the ppl food, trying to get her to eat the prescription renal food. I wish she would eat more of the cat food. I don't give a damn if she starts meowing! So frustrated. We are leaving tomorrow for our mini vacat for my birthday. I don't want to spend all weekend trying to coax Holly into eating. I'm glad about the negative test results, but c'mon Holly, eat!!!

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