Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wed May 17

She ate dinner last night! Yay! I mixed dog food with the turkey we cooked for dinner... turkey as a topper. She cleaned the plate. I degreased the turkey. Then later, she ate some more of Cookie's GD with a little yogurt. I gave her blueberries for dessert.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, Tuesday. I jinxed it

Last night she didn't want the Royal Canin. Wanted chicken and blueberries, but DH had to syringe feed her 2 ccs. Today at lunch she didn't want the renal food OR the chicken. Nicki managed to coax her into eating a little chicken. She said Holly is licking herself a lot. I don't know if this is a reaction to the Nextgard we gave her on Saturday because DH saw a flea on her or what.

So hard to know what to do!

She is drinking more water, too.


And today I started freaking out a little because we are leaving in a month and our neighbor still hasn't tried it out with Holly as far as fluids go. I realized we need a backup plan because we will be gone. So I called a few places and whoa, they are expensive. Most expensive is where we take her!


One day at a time.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Doing better, May 15

I don't want to jinx this, but she's doing better.

Last night I mixed in a little lean hamburger with her Royal Canin T food and she ate about 1/4 of a can! She was very hungry. No appetite stimulant.

I fed her only a few pieces of boiled chicken at lunch.

Today the pet sitter told me she ate one tablespoon of the royal canin food with chicken mixed in. She went for her walk and then ate some more chicken.

Dr. P adjusted her meds last Wednesday. Holly only gets the cerenia half tab every other day, and 1/4 of the prilosec only once a day. We are giving her the appetite stimulant about every other day.

We are hoping to get her to eat on her own entirely and get even better before we leave for S. Dakota and the pet sitter comes to stay at the house. It's one thing when you are with the dog and you can coax her into eating, etc, another to have someone else do it.

She also had about 10 blueberries last night. Go Holly!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sat, May 6

Holly ate OK last night with an appetite stimulant. Still had to syringe feed her, but at lunch our pet sitter said she ate chicken and some cat food.

Today, nada. Not even chicken for her pills. She ate a lot of green peas last night and today in her stool, I found some. I think she may have trouble digesting them and they sit in her tummy, which may be why she's meh today.

She still jumped into the window, wanted to walk. But no interest in food. I gave her a tiny piece of ham, which she ate, and then a tiny piece of my chicken from the Italian restaurant, which she liked. that was a relief, but wow, I am so concerned and trying to chill. My brother is here visiting and I'm enjoying his company, but I am so worried about the dog.

I gave her an appetite stiulant an hour ago, after we gave her pumpkin and carrots baby food, again, for the second time today. Not sure if teh pumpkin is going to do the trick this time.

sigh... it's heartbreaking. You are so happy when she eats and she is doing well, but when she doesn't eat and doesn't feel well, you just want to cry.

Wed, May 10

Dr. P changed up Holly's meds a little. She has the half tab of Cerenia every other day, and she's slowly weaning off the prilosec. Last night Holly ate chicken with gusto, and finally after the appetite stimulant, ate the renal food. Encouraging.

Pet sitter said she ate lots of chicken at lunch. We'll try the renal food tonight. One day at a time. My bro was here this weekend. Saturday was real tough with Holly. She didn't want to eat anything at lunch or breakfast. Finally syringe fed her later.

Ups and downs.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today isn't so great May 3

Roller coaster again with her. Last night she started to eat a little of the renal food mixed with the ground chicken I had just boiled, and stopped. DH syringe fed 2 ccs of renal food (Royal Canin) into her. Then she ate yogurt and a bunch of peas on her own.

She hasn't had the appetite stimulant since Sat., I believe.

This a.m. she was fine, ate chicken with her pills, hungry. That was 5 a.m. Then today at lunch for the pet sitter, nada. Not even chicken. She walked fine, peed and pooped and jumped into the window, but refused all food.

I rushed home for lunch, tried to coax her into eating. Nothing. She was meh. Not even blowing in her face would animate her. Worried. So I syringed pumpkin baby food down her, a little, and she belched. Maybe an upset stomach.

So hard to gauge all this. All we can do is our best. We don't know how much longer she has, but does any pet owner with a dog with an incurable disease? So heartbreaking when they are doing poorly, and when they are feeling good and eating, a cause for joy.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Finally ate dinner on her own

Last night, Sunday, I fed her a mixture of chopped chicken, the Royal Canin Tasty renal food, and green peas. Put it on a plate and she ate it! First time DH didn't have to use the syringe to get the renal food down her. She didn't eat much, maybe 1/2 a cup, but it was enough.

Staved off the greek yogurt as well. It gave Cookie a bit of bloody stool because I gave her too much. Cookie has such a delicate system. She was fine yesterday.

Holly's energy continues to be good. She jumps into her chair and last night did "sideways doggy" when we came home. Runs after her toys at times. Sleeps on our bed all night. Cookie is sleeping more and more, but she is 14 going on 15. Still loves to eat, and snuggle in the morning after DH goes to work.

Each day with fairly good health with them is a gift.