Monday, May 1, 2017

Finally ate dinner on her own

Last night, Sunday, I fed her a mixture of chopped chicken, the Royal Canin Tasty renal food, and green peas. Put it on a plate and she ate it! First time DH didn't have to use the syringe to get the renal food down her. She didn't eat much, maybe 1/2 a cup, but it was enough.

Staved off the greek yogurt as well. It gave Cookie a bit of bloody stool because I gave her too much. Cookie has such a delicate system. She was fine yesterday.

Holly's energy continues to be good. She jumps into her chair and last night did "sideways doggy" when we came home. Runs after her toys at times. Sleeps on our bed all night. Cookie is sleeping more and more, but she is 14 going on 15. Still loves to eat, and snuggle in the morning after DH goes to work.

Each day with fairly good health with them is a gift.

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