Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sat, May 6

Holly ate OK last night with an appetite stimulant. Still had to syringe feed her, but at lunch our pet sitter said she ate chicken and some cat food.

Today, nada. Not even chicken for her pills. She ate a lot of green peas last night and today in her stool, I found some. I think she may have trouble digesting them and they sit in her tummy, which may be why she's meh today.

She still jumped into the window, wanted to walk. But no interest in food. I gave her a tiny piece of ham, which she ate, and then a tiny piece of my chicken from the Italian restaurant, which she liked. that was a relief, but wow, I am so concerned and trying to chill. My brother is here visiting and I'm enjoying his company, but I am so worried about the dog.

I gave her an appetite stiulant an hour ago, after we gave her pumpkin and carrots baby food, again, for the second time today. Not sure if teh pumpkin is going to do the trick this time.

sigh... it's heartbreaking. You are so happy when she eats and she is doing well, but when she doesn't eat and doesn't feel well, you just want to cry.

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