Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

Vacation was wonderful, pet sitter did great. I had cut up ALL the dogs meds and bagged everything. 7 hours of work! But worth it to make it easier on everyone, including me, so I could have peace of mind while we were away. The first day or two was a little rocky, and worried, and then it smoothed out.

Holly and Cookie did great. Pet sitter loved them.

Today Holly has a touch of diarhea. Not too bad yet, but she went twice before 8, which is not like her. She's been doing soooo well...eating, etc. It might have been teh apples, or a little yogurt, or the thumbnail size of turkey sausage I gave her yesterday after I walked her at Tradewinds while DH worked on the trains. He needed his brakes worked on, so I took Holly, picked him up and dropped him off at the train park and then walked her.

I gave her a little Pepto before we went to breakfast. Now he's walking her to see how she does. I don't want to give her chicken and rice if she's ok. Cookie had diarhea, major, last Saturday so I had to take her into the vet that was open sunday - Quiet Waters. $177, but much cheaper than CSAH, who would have told me to let it run its course. She got two shots and pills and now she is fine.

I hope Holly will be ok, too.

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